Byte This! with Jeff Hardy - 11/15/02

Kevin - Jeff, what's goin' on? Kevin Kelly and Dr. Tom here with you

Jeff - Nothin' Man, how ya'll doin'?

Kevin - We're doing great, how's life treating you these days?

Jeff - oh it's great man, it's busy as always. I'm at home building and constructing and my raccoon just snuck in my bathroom here and he's trying to mess me up on my conversation...but yeah I'm doing good!

Kevin - your raccoon?

Jeff - yeah my...did ya see the pictures of uh..

Dr. Tom - oh I did

Jeff - yeah of my raccoon

Dr. Tom - it's great

Kevin - so you've got quite a manasury of animals still have the ferret?

Jeff - yeah..well yeah it's a prairie dog, but they're pretty similar to a prairie dog

Kevin - prairie dog...I knew it was one of those exotic animals, what else you got?

Jeff - um..a tiger and a T got all (laughs)

Dr. Tom - outstanding! I was buying it

Kevin - I was totally buying it

Jeff - I just have a boxer...a boxer prairie dog and my south african raccoon..and one fish. That's it.

Kevin - and by the way you are causing women to faint in the chatroom we have here

Jeff - uh oh..woo!

Kevin - yeah, you have that reaction a lot

Jeff - am I gonna answer some questions?

Kevin - Well, we got some e-mail questions for you, we'll take some calls. The first question that I got, everybody know..Jeff, you're not in good health.

Jeff - um hm..

Kevin - what's the story here? Lets talk about it. Everybody says "Jeff Hardy, there looks like there's something wrong with him"...what's going on?

Jeff - well, actually I purchased me a tanning bed and that makes a huge difference

Dr. Tom - yes it does

Jeff - I mean it helps all around, it's crazy how much of a difference it makes. So, I'm getting pretty tan..I should be looking pretty surfer-like Sunday at the pay-per-view, so um...that was a big thing, I believe. I'm not as jacked up as I used to be..but I'm comfortable with my weight and I feel pretty good, like as far as my bones and my muscles and all that.

Dr. Tom - so no late night..staying out too long...

Jeff - oh when I come home my biggest problem is that I have so many ideas in my head. I start so many projects..I can't stick to one thing and know..trying to get so much done. I run out of time and that's when I feel crazy.

Kevin -'s the aluminum mummy business going?

Jeff - oh they're great. I just made a new one for Shannon..he got married last week and all that girlfriend said something about a gift or whatever and I had this little idea to make him an aluminomi like turned out pretty cool. It's an odd wedding gift. It symbolizes love a little bit.

Kevin - well we wouldn't expect anything less from you

Jeff - oh hopefully not

Kevin - doing things your way has been uh..something I think Jeff that you have certainly been a part of your life. I know that your first match for this company was like 1994, 1995 and..uh..after you got done getting thrashed my razor ramone on Raw you said, "uh I don't wanna do this"

Jeff - oh I did. It was a hard ring and you know..I did not want to go back in the ring after that match. I'll never forget that and I was the first one that had to go out that night and I just remember being so nervous and it was so dream-like, but know..what journey it's been now...I've still got a lot to do hopefully.

Kevin - uh..lets..uh..we got some phone calls. We got people that wanna talk to you Jeff. Lets talk to Jeff from Oregon. Jeff you're on with Jeff Hardy..go ahead with your question.

Jake - Hello?

Kevin - Jake from Oregon! Jake..

Jake - there ya you guys doing this afternoon?

Kevin - good

Jake - actually I had kinda 2 questions for Jeff. First off, cuz I saw your match with RVD at summerslam in 2001 and I was kinda curious, where do you come up with the moves that you do?

Jeff - was this the ladder match or the hardcore match?

Jake - the hardcore ladder match

Jeff - oh a lot of the things from watching other wrestling I watch a lot of Japanese tapes and brainstorm and get a lot of ideas from that's weird sometimes it's hard to figure out the moves and new things to do..but from watching other tapes and messing around in the ring developing things. Sometimes I dream..I dream up moves believe it or not. A lot of times they can't even happen, but I'm not afraid to pursue them.

Dr. Tom - Hey Jeff, does anybody complain about when you come out to the stage and put that flouresant paint on and get into the ring it's all over your arm...

Jeff - Man..yeah I glows, it's awesome..but now I'm getting kinda down's nasty man and (laughs) I know other guys probably get hot when I get it all over them, but it's kinda cool. I don't know if people are diggin' it or not. I'm kinda getting tired of doing it already because it's so messy and it just takes so much time to's just one of my stages I guess

Kevin - yeah, I mean..again Jeff, it's been constant change since day one. The hair color, the way you look, the body..but the one thing that has been constant though is that your style has continued to improve. How do you see yourself say you watch a lot of tapes, do you go back and watch a lot of old Jeff Hardy matches from a couple of years ago? ..and where do you think you are now in terms of your far you progressed?

Jeff - I think I'm a lot smarter when it comes to holding back and not trying to a million things and one match and not trying to get all my signature things in. I think I'm a lot more laid back with that. Just watching old tapes, I watched an old independent match, I couldn't believe it, the stuff I did throughout that match. I was like..for one thing, I wouldn't be able to do that mean the big difference wrestling like 20 days a month compared to like one day or two days a month..that really shows how it takes a toll on your body and when you do it on the road you

Kevin - well you know, Dr. Tom discovered you and trained you and tells everyone that all the time.

Dr. Tom - well yeah, you know I do Jeff. Hey, I asked Matt this question I think it was last week. Is Michael Hayes still your dad too?

Jeff - Yeah, I think he's our wrestling father actually. I think that's his exact title.

Dr. Tom - oh I see

Jeff - our wrestling father..not our like..not my motocrossed father..

Dr. Tom - I know that he used to like make sure that you guys were in bed by at least 9:30 every night when you weren't wrestling and had your milk warm and your cookies as well

Jeff - oh that's for sure..he did that. He left a message the other day, he said, "Mattitude, Mattitude, what are you gonna do? Jeff, Mattitude's taking over" he just left a funny message like ok..something's coming, I don't know what yet.

Kevin - well that's like your brother's getting over now and he's starting to rub it in

Jeff - oh yeah. He gets more candy than me on Halloween in the past.

Kevin - yeah I know, some of those facts are a little less than flattering towards you. What's up with that?

Jeff - Tell me about it! Like last night I found out he loves guacamole and I didn't even know that.

Dr. Tom - Have you been on time lately for the shows because Matt said he was sick and tired of carrying you around anyway

Jeff - you know what? month I had been really good because there was a period there where I was like late all the time. Last month I've been on time you know.

Kevin - and the shoot of it is it was costing you money

Jeff- yeah it was! It cost me silly money. I really kinda made a commitment to myself and I told Mr. McMahon that I made a commitment to myself that I'd be on time and I feel pretty good. I think that may be why I got on a pay-per-view (laughs). It's been like 4 pay-per-views. So's turning out.

Kevin - well it certainly is a great opportunity for you. Jeff, I know..reading things on the internet as we're prone to do here, we've read over the past few months that, "oh Jeff Hardy doesn't have the heart for the business, he wants to go do music, he wants to quit, he's been given his notice, he's finishing up.." where does all that stand?

Jeff - I don't know how many times I've been told that cuz we have a computer the things I've seen about me being fired so many times and I just hate how people listen and they believe things the first time they read them and whoever it's coming from. None of that..there's so I totally like..with the whole music deal, I've got loads of material and I feel good about it, but I've already realized I can't do both at once and I don't wanna try, so I'm just gonna lay back on that and I'm gonna try to concentrate on wrestling and that only, but I still wanna doing something with it and I wanna..I got my own entrance music that I made and I hope that that'll take place soon because I wanna keep that Hardy Boyz music for the future because there's that moment there that we're missing out on if we don't let me stop using it and save that until we do a tag team deal again, I still believe we will.

Kevin - lets go to the phones. Lets talk to Anthony from California. Anthony, you are on Byte This with Jeff Hardy, go ahead with your question.

Anthony - Hey, how's it going Jeff?

Jeff - Pretty good, how are you?

Anthony - Pretty good...I have a question about your clothes, dude. Did you come up with that yourself? Are they like custom made or..

Jeff - yeah pretty's all like..never custom made man. Where do you live at?

Anthony - California

Jeff - a lot of the stuff came from Melrose man, that street up near LA or Beverly Hills..wherever that's at

Anthony - oh really?

Jeff - oh yeah, it's awesome there

Kevin - Tom spent a lot of time in his career in LA mostly in West Hollywood though.

Dr. Tom - oh he's a funny guy, pal.

Kevin - thank you very much for the call Anthony. We got an e-mail question from Josh in Bakersfield, California about your music, "We've heard that you recorded some music, is it true and when will be able to hear it?" are you gonna release a CD? What's up with that?

Dr. Tom - I've heard it.

Jeff - The way it looks now..uh..I think there's gonna be some music sold over the Pexoxwhy?gen (that's the name of my band) website. Peroxwhy? or whatever and's a pretty cool website. I think eventually we'll want to sell it over the website, but I just don't know when for sure. We put lyrics on there and stuff, we're getting closer, but I just don't know when we're gonna do it, cuz I've got loads of material that I've just done by myself that's not even including my band and that's just in my quality sound that I've got here it's not really like real quality so, hopefully within the next year there will be some music on the website.

Kevin - that's good. Jenny from Delaware has a question for you, Jeff "We know that 3 members of Peroxwhy?gen are also in the band Burnside 6. My question for you is which is your favorite song on the Burnside 6 CD." Her favorite song is "About You"

Jeff - um..I can't even think of the name of the's uh..I don't know what track it is. It's something to the effect of "Hey you leave me beep alone, I can do this by myself..." they scream a lot..I don't know that name of the song. I think it's track 6 on their demo. They scream a lot and they say the F word a lot.

Dr. Tom - Kevin screams a lot too.

Jeff - and they scream a lot.

Kevin - that's great. Lets go back to the phones. Lets talk to Tiffany in Indiana, Tiffany, you have the opportunity to talk to Jeff Hardy here on Byte This.

Tiffany - Hi Jeff

Jeff - Hey Tiffany

Tiffany - first of all I want to thank you for wearing the belt I sent you for your birthday on Raw.

Jeff - oh which one was that?

Tiffany - the white one with the silver rings on it.

Jeff - yes, thank you very much.

Tiffany - you're welcome, I'm glad you liked it. My question is that I heard you were going to take a little time away from the band to do wrestling, but is there any time slot you can give us for when we can expect to hear anything from the band?

Jeff - well I just met the guy that does our website last weekend and I talked to him and got to know him a little bit. I just wanna do some of the stuff that I've done myself, not even including the actual band, stuff that I've done here at my home because I've got like 80 tracks done or something.

Tiffany - you did your own entrance music?

Jeff - oh yeah I've got my own entrance music..hopefully they'll let me come out to that..

Kevin - hey, I can sing a little bit of it. I've heard it and I wanna sing it right now.

Jeff - ok!

Kevin - this is a Byte This exclusive, it goes like this (Kevin sings) "Bad Street, Atlanta G.A."

-Jeff and Dr. Tom join in and they sing da da da da da-

Kevin - (he continues to sing) maybe not...

Dr. Tom - Hey we played Michaels..hey nevermind.

Kevin - better not go there.

Jeff - King King!

Kevin - yeah, King King. Hey we got another e-mail question kinda going back to what we were doing before. Kendy from PA wondering, sort of a related question. Did you lose your passion at all for wrestling?

Jeff - um..actually not totally, not completely lost, but I did drifted away for a while and it still..i has a little bit. I think that totally over all like now that just..the point I am right now with music and the experience of recording and I haven't gotten much experience with live performing, that's totally different you know..entertaining things, but um..I think it's coming back cuz I've had a lot more fun honestly with the singles stuff that we've been doing. I really got a chance to be myself and do some of the weirder, stranger things that I can kinda get away with I guess. I'm starting to have fun again.

Kevin - Was the turning point Jeff that ladder match you had with the Undertaker?

Jeff - I'd say yeah, that's a very good turning point for me because that was so emotional anyway. Like..he didn't hit me and he held up my hand. That was just unreal, being that I was kid watching him and then I'm in the ring...yeah I'd say that was the turning points. It's kinda hard not to like love that to death and really feel passionate.

Kevin - Do you think there was an underlying message in that?

Jeff - Maybe

Kevin - Like, "Jeff we want you to stay, we don't want you to leave. If you decide to leave, we'll always love you like a brother. You got the handshake of respect from the Undertaker" you think there was a message in that?

Jeff - Possibly and I know..that it worked, whatever the message was because I loved it. I'm tan again and I'm starting to do the wrestling thing again and I'm on my way back. I don't know how big I'm gonna get, but..I'm loving it. I'm having a lot more fun and looking forward to Sunday.

Dr. Tom - yeah I think when it stops getting fun, that's when you know that you don't have the passion anymore and your fire has pretty much been burnt out, but I think this Sunday you get another chance to show that you are enjoying the WWE and being around the guys and of course I think everyone can see that in your eyes, eveybody can see that when you step in the ring and I know a lot of fans would like to see you in another ladder match, but is there anything else you want to accomplish here in WWE?

Jeff - Yeah, I can't wait to see what this new Elimination Chamber looks like. I love gimmick matches and I would love to do a Hell in the Cell, I'd love to have that opportunity. I can't wait to see this Elimination Chamber because I've seen the pop up about it on TV and it looks really cool and I'm so into that like gimmick matches other than a regular match.

Kevin - Jeff, I know one think I'm digging right now is the Imagi-nation. I really like that. While we have the Edge Army, the Kanenites, Jeff Hardy as the "Imagi-nation" and that's one of the coolest slogans that I've ever heard as far as uniting all your fans and it's something that really speaks to your personality. Is that something that you came up with?

Jeff - Yeah, that' Imagi-nation is the whole like..visions and movie theaters in your head, the power of seeing things in your right now when I'm talking to you like totally seeing somethin else. It's so..I don't know..spiritual and I just think that the percentage of our brain that we don't use has to be like something relating to our souls or whatever, but imagination is just a beautiful word and a great gimmick and everytime I say it now I say imagi-nation instead of imagination because I've been so used to saying it and people, you know, they dig it. My raccoon's name is Imagi..that's just sort of cool I guess.

Kevin - Dr. Tom, did you ever have a pet raccoon?

Dr. Tom - No, I had a dog.

Kevin - yeah, you were gonna have something else too right?

Dr. Tom - I was going to, but I didn't.

Kevin - So lets go back to the phones Jeff. We've got time for one more call. Lets talk to Michelle from Florida. Michelle, welcome to Byte This, you're on with Jeff Hardy....Hello Michelle?

Michelle - yes?

Kevin - you're on with Jeff Hardy, go ahead with your question.

Michelle - Hi Jeff

Jeff - Hey Michelle

Michelle - My question for you as previously mentioned the bandmates in your band are in another band called Burnside 6, I was wondering in what ways will your band's music be similar or different to their style?

Jeff - Man, I just met the lead singer...and you're familiar with their music, with the burnside music?

Kevin - yeah, I think she is, yup.

Jeff - Ok the music is similar, it's just not as..I don't think it's as hard or as metalish. It's a lot more acoustic pretty much when it boils down to it. It's more acoustic and more laid back. JR's the guitar player and he basically has loads of acoustic songs and he sent me some instrumentals and I wrote lyrics to them and they're just really good. I feel real good about them. So I'd say more laid back and more of an acoustic sound.

Kevin - well Jeff I would imagine that your mind is going a million miles an hour about this Sunday. A table match with someone you're very familiar with, Bubba Ray and Spike and sort of the unknown factor of 3 Minute Warning. What are you seeing? What are some of the things into and out of this match?

Jeff - um..I definitely see myself just like 2 years ago..I think it was 2 years ago..hopefully jumping off that balcony if I can get the opportunity because I would totally love to re-live that and put those big somoans through it and get a little payback for what they did on I definitely want to do that. It's one of the most important things to me right now to make my way up to that balcony and do a Swanton Bomb. Rico would be fine too.

Kevin - Yeah, you're an equal opportunity offender when it comes to something like that.

Jeff - Oh yeah and I feel like I have to do it.

Kevin - and it'll get a great response this Sunday and I just wanna wish you..both Tom and I want to wish you continued success and we're happy to have you back on the right track here in the WWE..continued success to you and we'll talk to you again soon.

Jeff - Alright man, see ya'll.

Kevin - Bye Jeff take care.

Jeff - Bye.

Kevin - That's Jeff Hardy everybody here on Bye This. A great guest and a very interesting young man to say the least. Tom, did you think Jeff Hardy was done with this company?

Dr. Tom - No, how could you think Jeff Hardy would be done with this company?

Kevin - Back a few months ago...

Dr. Tom - Well, you know what? It's one of those things where I understand the burn out factor when you're on the road all the time and you're wanna do something else and you're just tired of doing the same thing and maybe you need a break, but at the same time Jeff Hardy has something a lot of people don't have and that is that passion that is that burning desire to climb on a ladder and swanton bomb somebody through a table. I don't have that desire right now, do you?

Kevin - No.

Dr. Tom - No, Jeff does and he did.

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