Jeff's Q & A @ Wonderland

The following is from, so if you use this, please give them credit:

~Jeff showed off his tatoos ( one on the leg and the other on his right arm)
~everytime someone said "I love you Jeff!", Jeff would always reply back "I love you too" in this really deep voice
~he also seemed to always ask the ppl to repeat the questions a second time cuz he couldn't hear from all the screaming
~he talked a lot about Matt going to SmackDown and growing up idolizing the Ultimate Warrior and Sting
~he also talked about who he thought might win Summerslam ROCK vs BROCK, Jeff's prediction was the Rock

Here's a few questions that were asked:

Q: If you were ice cream, what flavor would you be?
Jeff: Well, looking at my hair, i'd have to say bubble gum

Q: If you could be anyone for a day, who would it be?
Jeff: Could i be ANYONE? I'd have to say Superman

Q: If you were trapped on a desert Island, what ONE thing would you bring?
Jeff: I need a woman, man! :: laughs::

Q: Whats one of your favorite things to eat?
Jeff: Lasnaga, The Italian Food... Who was it... Garfield who liked to eat Lasanga right?

Q: Boxers of breifs?
Jeff: Well i wear boxers sometimes, but i really like those bikini breifs. :: crowd pops::
(( Jeff shows the strap of this underwear))
These ones are sweet, they have stripes on em'!
(( crowd pops again))
And I like to wear thongs sometimes too! :: laughs::

Q. Are you single?
Jeff: I don't know... Am i? :: laughs::

The name of his new pet raccon is Imagile, pronounced E-ma-gile.

~Jeff danced to his music when he came out onto the stage, and then he stood up and danced wierdly
~Jeff sang the first little bit of September Day, he also sang "It's getting hot in here, so take off all your clothes"
~Jeff's new favourite actor is Jack Black
~Jeff has a pet South African Racoon (I didn't hear it's name)
~Jeff showed everyone his bikini-briefs (striped and blue ^.^)
~Jeff took his shirt off!!
~He talked about how he thinks he'll wrestle against Matt sometime in the future, and he thinks the Hardy Boyz will be together.
~He called Lita Amy a lot
~He said Lita could be back in 7 months