Piledriver Interview with Jeff Hardy

Credit goes to JeffNeroHardy.com
By Piledriver Rock and Wrestling Radio Show - December 1, 2001

Piledriver: How do you prepare for Steel Cage matches, or doing Swantons off the top of a 20-foot ladder? Whatís going through your head when your doing that stuff?
Jeff: For me there is really no preparation. Well as far as doing it, you kind of just have to do it. Hesitation kills me a lot of times, as far as like, if you don't go as soon as the final adrenaline push in your body, thatís when you end up getting hurt, at least thatís the way I feel about it. A lot of times I got hurt its from little things, like after a TLC match and I was coming down a ladder, I was in my street clothes, and i kind of jumped off the second rung from the ground and broke my ankle. The night before we had just done one of the TLC matches and i wasn't beat up horribly bad. Itís the little things that kill me; you have to go in there with one mindset and thatís to damn win.
Piledriver: Do you practice for these kinds of moves or do you just wing it? Do you ever think to yourself, well i gotta do this and practice it or do you just say fuck it! I'm going in the ring and I'm doing it?
Jeff: Basically i just say fuck it I'm gonna do it! And i just do it.
Piledriver: Since Edge and Christian split up; I'm seeing some tension between you and Matt. Are you ready to go solo and kick your brotherís ass?
Jeff: No not really. Rumors have kind of been injected with steroids and became a lot bigger than they are because there is nothing in the near future of us breaking up. Things kind of blew out of proportion and we are totally a tag team now. I can honestly say that i am not ready for a huge singles career right now and i don't really want to be. There is a lot me we want to do as the Hardy Boyz, as Team Extreme as far as that goes.
Piledriver: How come he gets Lita? What the deal with that?
Jeff: Man they just hit it off from the first day we met her. Honestly, like, we met her at an independent show in Charlotte, North Carolina. At first, me and some of my buddies and just people that were on that show were all like oh yeah she is hot and we were all kind of shooting for it and kind of like just wanting to get to know her a little better but Matt ended up and they just really hit it off when it comes to things that they relate to together about. They are a lot a like and they are good for each other and i know that.
Piledriver: So how come he is looking at other pieces of a$$? Whatís he doing?
Jeff: Yeah he is messing up with that stuff. Lita has been coming to me as of late, like whatís going on? Questioning me if i know anything about matt and Iím like whoa hey, Iím not like Matt when to comes to just hanging out, its like i don't go out with him every night, we kind of have to be apart. I don't see exactly what he is doing cause i think he is with you (Lita) most of the time. I don't know whatís going on.
Piledriver: i think its time to lend a shoulder for Lita to cry on.
Jeff: Yeah yeah, i have been doing my best at that.
Piledriver: Besides Lita, who is the hottest chick in the WWF or the Alliance for that matter?
Jeff: I think, let me see...I think Trish is. I really think Trish is hot. All of them are pretty but i have to say Trish Stratus. Torrie Wilson is really hot too and Stacy Kiebler, she really is hot too, her legs, naturally are pretty much, to me, the sexiest.
Piledriver: Yeah she's got great great legs. So when you and Matt come out all the chicks scream, itís like a thunder of chicks yelling when you two guys come out and hit the stage.
Jeff: You can totally hear it cause chick's tones are higher and you can totally hear it.
Piledriver: So any of those chicks follow you guys back to the hotel?
Jeff: Oh yeah, all the time. Mainly you will see them waiting, they find out where ever we pulled into the building, they will just kind of be waiting out there.
Piledriver: So are those groupies hot?
Jeff: A lot of them are. Some of them are pretty crazy.
Piledriver: I've seen some really big fat chicks out in the audience.
Jeff: I know. The ones we were speaking of, hanging outside the buildings, the majority of them are those umm big fat chicks. You very rarely see one thatís just kind of nutty enough to wait outside in the cold for so long and stuff thatís really really hot.
Piledriver: Give me one of your heroes, growing up, in the ring. That you always watched and was like oh yeah i want to be like him.
Jeff: Umm...it would probably have to be Shawn Michaels over all. Hulk Hogan was probably the first, i guess. All the kids fell in love with him, i started watching him and caught the "Hogan fever," fell right into the Hulkamania crew. But then the Ultimate Warrior, i loved when he came running out and just kind of nutty and crazy. Shawn Michaels as far as wrestling, he had it all, you know he was the best. I always say that he is my over all inspirational wrestler, like comparing myself to him and kind of like wanting to be like him.
Piledriver: Is there any move that you wouldn't do? Anything your like, hmm...Iím thinking about doing that but maybe i shouldn't do it.
Jeff: Yeah, like i used to do the Shooting Star Press. I still might do a 450 every now and then, if it ever falls into place. Like a reverse 450 i used to do and those are moves i totally don't do anymore because my body is so sore and everything. I'm like i don't really need to do that.
Piledriver: So is there anyone that you haven't fought, that you want to fight in the ring?
Jeff: Yeah, I don't know how it might happen but just to say that I done it. I would love to be in the ring with Ric Flair. The possibility of him maybe showing up and doing something with us (the WWF), i don't know if it will be just office stuff or what. Hulk Hogan too just because they are such legends, just to say that I've been in the ring with them.
Piledriver: What about Shawn Michaels, if he ever stepped back into the ring?
Jeff: Whoa! I'm glad you mentioned him. I'd love to wrestle Shawn Michaels and there is still a possibility of him coming back. I haven't actually talked to him or seen him lately. I've read a lot of stuff that said he is doing pretty good. He just doesn't want to come back and not be able to do the stuff he used to do. He does want to come back and disappoint people.