Interview: Hardy Boyz on upcoming split

- Tanvir Hussain @ 07:19 PST

Credit: UPN Ch. 9 NY News

The following is an Interview which was conducted by The Hardy Boyz, Matt and Jeff On UPN:

UPN: They are the WWF's definition of eXtreme. A high-flying brother act that knows no boundaries. They formed the standard mid-grade tag team match into a main event, but better enjoy it while you can the duo says it won't last forever.
Matt: We've done almost everything there is to do as a tag team really, and I guess there is a time where Jeff Hardy will go his separate way and Matt Hardy will go his separate way.
UPN: This separation will be caused by both desire and boredom. Matt says his desire is to become the WWF Champion, and both admit that tag teaming the Dudleyz every night can get dull.
Jeff: I mean it fells like we've wrestled them over and over and over again.
Matt: We wrestle those guys a lot. This is you know the 2,689 time we've wrestled the Dudleyz.
UPN: The eXtreme aspect of Matt and Jeff Hardy goes beyond the ring. No need to adjust your set, Jeff's hair is really Blue, and tradition is not part of their wardrobe either.
Jeff: We love going to the Alternative like places.
UPN: To Alternative clothes, to Alternative hair styles, and the love of Alternative music mean an Alternative lifestyle. Some have even questioned Jeff's sexuality.
Jeff: I really don't care what they think. If they think I'm some gay dude or whatever, it doesn't bother me. It's all good, I'm totally secure.

UPN: You better be secure being a WWF Superstar with a love of Poetry...
Jeff: I started writing when a Stone Temple Pilots song actually. It was never a big hit or anything, but there was a line that went...

"Take a path, I'll drink the water that you leave...."

And I was just like wow, you know that just hit me so much, and I went and grabbed a sheet of notebook paper, and I was like who I wanna write something that will make people feel something like I just did.

UPN: While Jeff's interest varied Matt's are more focused on the wrestling business.
Matt: Everyday I wake up, I'm living a dream, you know how many people actually get to do that...very few, you know even when my days of being in the ring down there are gone, you know I wanna be involved in wrestling in some way, shape or form, you know and I would love to give back all the knowledge that I've been given, and learned over the years to you know young, and hungry Matt and Jeff Hardy's of the future.
UPN: Until then the country boys from North Carolina will continue climbing the ladder of success.
Matt: We are two of the most un-country country boys you ever see...especially Jeff with the Blue hair.