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Chloe Traicos was born and raised in Zimbabwe where she lived with her family until 1997, when they were forced to leave under the oppressive regime of Robert Mugabe.


They moved to Australia, where Chloe landed roles in various theatre productions, the one which became most famous was the play she wrote, based on her own life in Zimbabwe, Stranger in my Homeland. Shortly after, Chloe won a small role in Alex Proyas' film Garage Days.


This was followed by a role in Lance Peter's film, Doing the Splits, starring Tim Allen and Jamie Lee Curtis, due to begin filming early 2003.


Currently, Chloe is working on her own film The Sixth Commandment, which will be completed in early March 2003. Although this is being made in Australia, it has received international interest and the Hollywood Reporter will be covering a story on the film in February next year.