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I have used Steve Pawlowski and Jack McDougall's
"United States Micro / Brewpub Coaster Guide" as a basis for this guide.
However, I have made some changes so coasters are listed chronologically,
and if the year of the festival is on the coaster this becomes the code.

Please also note, any coaster that has the name of a brewery on it,
will be catalogued in the State where the brewery is located.

Any other coasters that are missing from the guide please send scans to:


Below are a list of links to various festivals in the US,
if you know of any other that ought to be listed
please send me the web address and I will set up a link.

Association of Brewers

Arizona Beer Festival News

Beer Festival Calendar

Beer South

Beer Summit Boston

Brewer's Association of Maryland

Classic City Brewfest
(Athens GA)

Great American Beer Festival

Great International Beer Festival
(Providence RI)

Midwest Brewfest
(Cleveland OH)

Milwaukee Beer Festival

Oregon Brewers Fest

Portland & Seattle
International Beerfest

Spring Beer & Wine Fest
(Portland OR)

Texas Brewers Festival

Washington Microbrew Festivals

World Beerfest
(Durham NC)