Website Tips

1. Be original! Don't copy other's sites.
2. Put lots of content. Like activities that people can do.
3. No StIcKy PaWs. It's very hard to read.
4. Times New Roman font is a no-no. It kinda makes your website look boring.
5. Update your site about 2 times a week. It's really boring to see the same thing every time.
6. Make lots of different layouts! The same look is always boring.
7. Don't have excessive swearing. If you feel that bad, punch your pillow.
8. Be nice!
9. Don't have too many javascript popups on every page. Just put them all on one page, like a "don't click here" spot.
10. Join some cliques, so members could come look at your site.
11. Sign tagboards and guestbooks.