Triwizard Tournament
I (kawaii.) have entered the guild into a Triwizard Tournament with .::~*~Harry potter Fans forever~*~::.

The tasks are:
1. Get 4 rainbow colored plushies. (done)
2. Get three Fairies of Different kinds. (done)
3. Get three healing potions. (done)
4. Write a paragraph on one of the characters in the books everything you know about them, don't pick Draco Malfoy. (done)
5. Write a paragraph on what you know about one of the books.
6. Pick one beast from the movie or books and tell me everything you know in two paragraphs.

Task 5 Questions for this week:
1. Who are the members of the Ravenclaw Quidditch Team?
2. Name the teams that played Quidditch in Book 4.
3. Who are the founders of each Hogwarts house?
4. Name two beasts that live in the Forbidden Forest.
5. If you were an Animagus, what animal would you be?

Champions, do your best!!

  • Gryffindor Champion: angel_clouds02
  • Ravenclaw Champion: krystalflyte
  • Slytherin Champion: puddlemere_keeper
  • Hufflepuff Champion: trugodpinay/kawaiikarteelee_

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