My Profile

Name: Why would you want to know that? Fine... it's Andrea.
Age: Why would you want to know that?
B-Day: July 17
Fav. Color: Baby Blue, yellow, orange
Fav. Food: Sushi
Fav. Drink: Orange Soda
Fav. Web Face: ^-^
Fav. Web Word: LoL
Fav. Actors: Jackie Chan, Daniel Radcliffe, Dick Van Dyke
Fav. Actress: Jennifer Aniston, Liv Tyler, Kristen Kreuk
Hobbies: Going on the internet, reading books, doing homework, just what a weird girl would do.
Dislikes: Stuff that stinks, ants, cockroaches, warm milk, hamster doo-doo
Loves: Teddy bears, chicken wings, my family, books