Hogwarts Teachers

These are the people that you go to for a homework assignment. All homework assignments must be due the next day unless the teacher says otherwise.
Teachers must know a good deal about their subject before they can apply to teach.
Each link is to the subject page, where each homework assignment is written by the teacher.

Defence Against the Dark Arts: kawaiikarteelee_ **
Transfiguration: trugodpinay **
Care of Magical Creatures: crybabe106
Charms: theuserfour ** (send hw to kawaiikarteelee_) *temporary*
Potions: dumb_guy2000 ** (send hw to krystalflyte) *temporary*
Astronomy: please apply
Divination: spydagurl
History of Magic: ogcheerleader **
Herbology: krystalflyte **
Muggle Studies: angels_cloud2000 **

Students may take either the mandatory ones or all of them. Teachers can do assignments too, if they want to earn points for their house.

** = mandatory!

Students, look at each of the teacher's pages to see if you have any homework, tests, or quizzes. Then neomail your completed homework, test, or quiz to your teacher, and he/she will give you an amount of house points.

Teachers, if you want to earn more points for your house, you could do homework too =D

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