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Homework will be due by Friday of each week for full credit and house points. Late assignment may still receive partial credit toward your midterms (end of the month). A quiz will be posted and be due at the end of each month. These will also be factored into your midterm grades. House points will be awarded based on these scores.

My shop is going to be converted into the Herbology Greenhouse. All homework assignments will go into the shop in order to (a)earn money for the guild to buy prizes, and (b)will be available for guild member to acquire at little or no cost for quests or pets.

If you are not comfortable with or wealthy enough for making a donation to the guild you may instead submit a report about the donation item.

Midterm credit and house points will be based on the relative value of the items donated or effort of the report. PLEASE NOTE: donate OR report, NOT BOTH. If you haven't turned it in by Nov 15, each student who hasn't turned it in will lose 5 house points. Any donations (food, plants, berries, gardening supplies)to the Herbology Greenhouse are welcomed and will be rewarded with house points.
These questions will test your knowledge of herbology both in Harry Potter and in Neopets.
1. (NeoP) What plant can be cultivated only to enrich the soil?
2. (HarryP) What is bubotuber pus used for?
3. (NeoP) Which Tyrannian food is famed for its ability to give a sudden burst of energy?
4. (HarryP) Which plant was used to revive the victims of the Basilisk?
5. (NeoP) What do "arbiter berries" make?
I will post the correct answers when I post grades!
Thank you to all the members who participated in my Herbology class in October. Please feel free to neomail me with any comments or suggestions after midterm grades have been posted.

The first person to turn in homework will automatically receive a bonus of 5 points for their house.

Weekly Homework:
10/14-10/18: Make krystalflyte your neofriend or post message if unable to.
10/21-10/25: In preparation for Halloween, neomail a gross food to krystalflyte
10/28-11/1: Neomail a berry to krystalflyte

Quiz: Questions will be posted 10/28 and will be due on 11/1.

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