Hiya! This is the Di Gi Charat Lovers Clique. You don't exactly have to.."love"...Di Gi Charat. You just gotta be a fan of hers to join this clique.
Anyway, this clique is for DGC fans.
My god, I made mistakes when I made this clique. First of all, that's Petit Charat on the left and top, not Di Gi. I knew that, but I guessed, if it's from the same anime, no problem. I think I made another, too, but I don't know where..lol.
Ok, I've heard complaints about why this inline frame isn't in the correct rectangle spot I put in. See, on my laptop, it's perfect, since I have a lower resolution than all you "computer" people have. I don't know the resolution for it, so I'm telling you now, please change the resolution to your standards.
ANYWAY, navigation is at the top. Hope you join!



August 18, 2002- Di Gi Charat Lovers Clique Founding Day
August 20 & 21, 2002- Added 4 more members.