You would want to choose a healthy hammy, now wouldn't you? Here's to check if you are buying or bought a healthy hammy.

1. Your hamster's body has to be round. It should be young too. To make sure that it is, see if it's small.
2. Its eyes should be big and bright. No mucus or anything either! ^.~
3. Make sure every part of its body is clean. No un-hairy spots!
4. If you wanna buy 2 or more hamsters, you gotta be sure you have enough space to put them all in!
5. Keep in mind that hamsters are nocturnal. So after you get it, don't think that it's dead and bring it to the vet saying that it has a problem if you really don't know what's wrong. Hehe, that's what I thought when I got my first hamster!
6. After you buy your hammy, bring it to the vet about 3 days later to check on it. Get a checkup for your hamster about every 2 weeks.