Blinkie Tutorial

What you need:
-A place to get your blinkie blocks
-Redensek (the usual blinkie font)
-MS Paint
-Animation Shop 3

1) Go to a blinkie maker and put your blocks in place. Look at pic below.

2) Make a lineup of blocks. Remember to save them all as .bmp's. Don't save them all at once, save them individually.

3) Open Animation Shop. Open each frame and save them as .gif's. Just in case you get confused, delete all the .bmp frames and keep the .gif frames.

4) Now click the first picture on the top. It will look like the picture circled below.

5) Keep pressing next until you get to the place where it asks to put the frames in. Click "Add Frame" and look for the frames that you made in MS Paint. When you put them all in, click "next", then "finish".

6) You should be done with your blinkie, and it should look something like this: (pic to be shown)