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NEWS and stuff.......

    My first bit of news is that he site is finally going to be up and running and this time were going to do it right,
    And now for  the real news to commence Travis and I went to the pargate jam on Saturday it was good, everyone seemed to have a good time especially when the much awaited food finally arrived Travis appears to have broken his knee cap in half but he doesn't really care, he did a back flip to Manuel but no one else really cares, i pissed in Chris's beer and on his bike, or at least he was led to believe this as well as my pants being urinated in. Chris's bike is huge and it feels like you are riding a goddamn Harley, afterwards Travis and I made our way back to maple ridge where we were asked if maple ridge has hookers by a dirty old man by this time we were very tired and went to sleep that is all that happens in our mundane boring life