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avast! antivirus software - computer virus, worm

and Trojan protection by ALWIL Software.

New version avast! v4.6! is the best

way to protect your computer from

hackers. avast! antivirus (new v4.6!)

find and rub viruses, Trojans, KEY

LOGS. The new experimentation show

that avast! Home Edition was finded 

99% of all infected viruses.


Avast! Virus Cleaner

Infected by a virus?

If you know that your

computer has been, or is infected by virus/worm

try using our FREE avast! Virus cleaner.

Avast! v4.6

Home Edition




avast! 4 Home/Pro Edition

avast! Server Edition
Avast! Managed Client

All files are one downloader. After installation avast! automatically investigate Your computer, and begin download avast! v4.6! program with newest updates.


Length: 75kb

  • Dial-up 56Kbit/s: ~ 1 min
  • DSL/Cable 128Kbit/s: ~ 3 min
  • DSL/Cable 256Kbit/s: ~ 1 min
  • DSL/Cable 512Kbin/s: < 1 min
  • T1 1Mbit/s: < 1 min



If you think wat you computer

is infected by trojan or keylog the best way to clean it is use

avast! 4 Home/Pro Edition

avast! antivirus

is based on the comprehensive ALWIL Software scanning technology available

since 1988. Featuring fast incremental updates and advanced multi-layer real

time protection of all infection vectors, it safe guard against virtually all kind of malware.

avast! 4

VPS: 0521-5




avast! 3

VPS: 7.70-9402




avast! 4

Home/Pro Edition

Program: 4.6.665



avast! 4 Professional Edition Download
This product will work as a 60-day trial version


avast! 4 Home Edition FREE Download
To use the Home Edition, you should register it. After the installation you have 60 days to do the registration. The registration process is very easy and will take you only a couple of minutes.


ADNM Download (includes the avast! Managed Client)

All the setup packages are in the form of self-extracting executables and are digitally signed by ALWIL Software.


avast! 4 Server Edition

If you don't have a valid license file, the program will work as a 60-day trial.



avast! for Linux Download
Please download avast! for Linux/Unix Servers from this page.



Copyright 1988-2005 ALWIL Software
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