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The New World Consciousness Part Three:

Evolving into True Free Will Beings

By Donna Kenny, August 2015

The New World Consciousness

The manifestation of the New World Consciousness subsumes an array of human evolutionary developments, one of which is the manifestation of true free will. Although humans were created to be true free will beings, true free will is not manifest in this Creation. The massive healing and transformation process that we are undergoing at both the transpersonal and personal levels of Creation will allow free will to fully manifest.

The concept of true free will is not commonly understood. Just as real love is unconditional love, true free will is unconditional free will. An unconditionally free being is a personally sovereign being; a being that is their own ultimate authority and doesn't give up any of their personal authority and power to others.

Many people believe that God is their authority and that they must comply to God's will and worship God in order to stay in God's good graces. This is completely untrue. God didn't create human beings to be puppets or servants and God doesn't require or want the submission and worship of human beings. Humans belong to the sovereign Evolutionary Will Being species. Evolutionary Will Beings were created with everything they need to be fully autonomous and they evolve by continually recreating themselves via their own free will.

Many people also believe that they are required to fulfill the expectations of others and society. True free will beings don't do anything they don't want to do and they never feel guilt. Guilt, which is present in everyone's energy field to some degree, isn't present in the energy field of a true free will being. Guilt creates imbalances and fragmentation and true free will can manifest only when the energy field is whole and balanced. As we continue to heal into wholeness and balance, guilt will become less and less present with us.

True free will beings also don't expect anyone else to do anything unless they want to. A true free will being is balanced and doesn't deny the self in favor of others or deny others in favor of the self. It goes without saying that a true free will being will never harm, override or manipulate others in any way.

All of this may seem very foreign but this is because true free will isn't manifest in this Creation. As the universal healing and transformation process continues and we evolve more and more into true free will beings, the current ways of being will appear to be more and more restrictive and oppressive.

Part 4 is coming soon

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