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The New World Consciousness Part One:

The New Creation is Hallmarked by The New World Consciousness

By Donna Kenny, July 2015

The New World Consciousness

The coming era of the New Creation is hallmarked by The New World Consciousness. In preparation for the new era, we now have the opportunity to heal our masculine and feminine parts of self into wholeness and balance and embody The New World Consciousness. The New World Consciousness is the presence of real love, (i.e. real heart consciousness). Real love has never before been experienced in this Creation due to primal wounds in Deity that have never been fully healed. These wounds haven't allowed Mother and Father God to connect in true heart balance and have affected every created being and the entire living universe. Deity is now in the process of healing its deepest wounds and everyone in Creation with intent to heal can follow Deity's lead by healing their parts of self into wholeness and balance. To varying degrees, everyone has imbalances and fragmentation that need to be healed.

Foundationally, The New World Consciousness is a new macrocosmic archetype. The universal masculine (Father God) and the universal feminine (Mother God), the Creators of this Universe, have always been separate beings. At this juncture of our Universe's evolution, Mother and Father God are in the process of healing all of their wounds and imbalances and joining in sacred union. They are permanently joining, through alchemical union, their individual beings to become one whole living presence of Real Love. The sacred marriage of Father and Mother God will profoundly affect earth and humanity not to mention the entire living Universe.

The new macrocosmic archetype is referred to in sources both past and present. In the GodChannel material which is channeled from Deity, Deity refers to its Real Love union as "New Heart". In Ronna Herman's messages from Archangel Michael, the union of Mother and Father God is explained using the Vesica Piscis symbol. The birth of the new macrocosmic archetype is illustrated in the 16th century alchemical text The Rosarium Philosophorum. The images in The Rosarium Philosophorum illustrate the steps in the process of the alchemical union of the male and female deities. The final image, shown below, depicts the product of the alchemical union, the reborn macrocosmic Christ/Heart which is Real Love.

Image 20 from The Rosarium Philosophorum

The new macrocosmic union is occurring at the deep transpersonal level of the human self; the level of Father/Mother God within. Human Beings as microcosms of Deity now have the opportunity to embody Deity's new alchemical union by following Deity's lead in the healing work and healing their own parts of self into wholeness and balance. The resource section of my website, The New World Consciousness, has website and book references that can help you in the process of healing into wholeness and balance. You can also communicate with Deity directly from within and get the guidance and understandings you need for your personal healing process.

In accordance with The Divine Plan, our created universe will shift into The New Creation without the old wounds, denials, suffering and imbalances of the Old Creation. Each of us can help to achieve this goal by doing our part in the healing process. Individuals that follow Deity's lead in the healing work and choose to embody Real Love will experience never before known joy, freedom, creative powers, deep love and fulfillment of all desires in The New Creation.

Part Two: The New World Consciousness in Prophecy