How to make Hash And Hash oil

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Hash Oil

Tools needed:
Porcelain pot or heat resistant pyrex bowl, one which is suitable for use in the oven.
cast iron skillet (frying pan larger than the porcelin pot)
Coffee filters (the re-usable gold filters work very well as well, these can be bought at supermarkets)
2 bowls
rubbing alcohol (commonly available at pharmacies, look for alcohol that is 99% pure)

Take 1 coffee filter, and place your marijuana in it. Pour the alcohol over the marijuana in the coffee filter so that the alcohol drains into one of the bowls. Squeeze every bit of the alcohol from the marijuana into the bowl.

Now transfer the same marijuana into a clean coffee filter, and use the same alcohol to pour over it again into the second bowl.

Keep repeating this over and over again. If you have a problem with the coffee filters breaking apart while you are squeezing the marijuana, use 2 or 3 coffee filters at a time. The alcohol will turn green.

Next, take the iron skillet set it on the stove, and put the porcelain pot into the skillet. Fill the skillet with water.

Alcohol is extrememly flamable. Don't be stupid, be CAREFUL!

Do not cook the alcohol over the open flame. The water in the skillet assists in preventing the alcohol from getting too hot and helps to prevent the alcohol from igniting on fire.

Ensure your kitchen has good ventelation. Use the stove fan and other fans to move the air around in order to prevent fumes from gathering in one place and igniting.

Let the alcohol in the porcelain pot in the skillet simmer on "LOW". Make sure the skillet remains full of water. The alcohol will evaporate very very quickly. Make sure you do not let it evaporate too quickly or burn the alcohol.

Once all the alcohol has been evaporated off, you will be left with hash oil. Take a razor blade and scrape it up and smoke it.


Take dried marijauna and crush it up into a fine powder. Put the powder in a jar with 100% pure rubbing alcohol, so the alcohol covers the powder.
Soak in a dark place for anywhere from a couple of hours to a few days.
Pour the mixture through a screen onto a glass plate. A fine kitchen strainer or gold coffee filter work well.
Evaporate the liquid carefully. This can be done either by letting it sit out in a warm place or by heating it up. If you're going to heat it, be's flammable. Do it someplace with good ventalation, preferably near a kitchen exhaust fan that blows outside.
Scrape up the tar with a razor blade or spatula. Try to choose a pan or bowl that won't be harmed by a razor (glass?).
If it is too sticky, add a little dry powder till it attains the consistancy of silly putty. Work it over and over. This seems to make it bind together. Practice makes perfect.
Use in any way you'd normally use hash!

This is better than any imported hash I've ever found. Burns slow at a low temp, so I think you get more THC. It makes a little pot last longer. I know people who go through a half an ounce weekly smoking the bulk material, a quarter will last a week if extracted. A different high altogether, light and trippy. Kind bud makes a gold tar and is SOOOO sweet!!!