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Akane no Basho desu.

Margi a.k.a. Akane
High School Student/Artist/Musician

Mooshi Mooshi!! Welcome to my website!! It's still very much under construction, but I'm gonna work to make it the best!!! Just to let you know what my plans are, here's a list! 1. I've compiled over 200 anime piccys from a bunch of sites and webrings, and I'd like to bring them to you on one site! 2. For all you Xena/Herc fans, I plan to put up convention piccys from the Hartford Con on March 3rd. 3. Once I get my scanner up and running, I plan to put up some of my own drawings. 4. I'd like to get a fanfics page going, where ppl can send me their works of art and I'll post 'em. If you have any suggestions to make my page improve, I'd appreciate any constructive criticism. Just email me :) Well, Thanks for visiting, and be sure to check back here often!!