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Mr MiMiK's IRC Builder

There are a few problems (which I have no idea how to fix, I have tried but to no avail, if u find a way to fix them, please e-mail me I will give you credit on what u did, the things that are wrong are the frame is on top of the chat screen! and the whisper panel is slightly distorted

Part 1: The Title and The Connecting Script

here you change the server port and channel you want the IRC to go to
P.S. if u want to go to talk city use port 38274

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Part 2: The IRC Colors and The Chat Screen

here you need to change the IRC colors to what u want

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Part 3: The /cmd Script, Chat Bar, and the whisper button

there are some things to change in the command script, mainly /tell, but u can change some things like brb or bbl or brb mail, etc.

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Part 4: The Room Changer Script and The Frames Script

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Part 5: The Whole Thing Put Together

Mr MiMiK Inc.