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Last updated: 3/9/2000

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WARNING! Driver only carries $20.00 in ammunition. ~Random Bumper Sticker

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Welcome to my lair. I am Velociraptor - your host if you will. You will have to excuse the temporary 'mess' in my lair for I am in the process of opening it to the public. Feel free to wander around and take a look at my pack members. There is much to come for you to explore here. So, stop by every now and then to visit Raptor's Lair...

A quick note: Angelfire seems to be having some problems occasionally with going to pages. If you cannot get to a page on the first try, try once or twice more; usually just another try will bring you to that page. So sorry for the inconvienence this causes, but because of the extent of my web site(s), I cannot move to another server.

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This website is owned and maintained by Sharon Mossy aka Velociraptor. It was put up on February 18th, 2000. All drawn images on this site were created by Sharon Mossy and are copyrighted 2000 by Sharon Mossy. Please contact me ( with any questions, comments, or suggestions you may have. You may also sign my guestbook to leave comments or suggestions, or to even alert me that something isn't working properly.

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