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Rock Star Image
Monday, 23 June 2003
I have a song idea in my head, but I just can't convert it to text just yet. I was thinking of a song called "Honeysuckle, with Love" for the name. Hard rock hateful woman kind of stuff. I just wanted to put it here so I didn't forget it. And I think I came up with a few other band names that where odd, but rather cool.

Bitter Brawl: Think about this name. This is like teeth to the curb kind of stuff I'm thinking about. Aggerissive Punk/Metal. And if there is no such thing? There really, really should be.

Hilter House Cleaning: This band think Dead Milkmen. Think Bush haters. Think words written in sharpy markers and very misssspeled.

Ok. Nothing new.

Posted by ct2/unik at 11:51 PM EDT
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Sunday, 22 June 2003
Kinds of Songs
I spent a great amount of time trying to think of a song for this Rock Star Image of mine. I haven't really came up with much, but then I listened to the radio for about ten minutes, and figured I could put out just about anything as a song. So, what did I do? I just started making stuff up. And what flaming piece of crap did I get? This..which might just be the next number one hit. So, if you steal it, I offically own you and your band.

Entertain Us an Illiusional scream
Rock the crowds bodies so hard
Kittens on the drums and a request
Baited from our lips all we ask is

Me us your next pop star.
Make us your next super icon
One hit wonders, Disposalable generics
No catchy tones, nothing shy
Make us your next pop stars
We just want to be the next [screamed]NEXT

Telepathy is all we could need
Thrusting our fingers on the pluse of
Nation of the little tiny bops, yeah
Wiggle in our own pollution and hate it

Me us your next pop star.
Make us your next super icon
One hit wonders, Disposalable generics
No catchy tones, nothing say
Make us your next pop stars
We just want to be the next [screamed]NEXT

Think about it for a second Our
Our faces everywhere larger then life
Making no money but playing up more then sin
Standing for everything we hate, icons!

Me us your next pop star.
Make us your next super icon
One hit wonders, Disposalable generics
No catchy tones, nothing say
Make us your next pop stars
We just want to be the next [screamed]NEXT

pop star.
super icon
Disposalable generics
nothing say
pop stars
next [screamed]NEXT

And with that, I would have to say exit stage left. Is it a good song? No, but it's at least saying what 90% of bands really just want to say anyway. I figured why waste the time when I can be direct and to the point, right? See, I can produce a flaming piece of crap. But at least it is honest.

So, there you have it. The first of many hits that are going to be produced by my fake, or maybe, real band. Who knows, I might clean up my act..-snorts- and learn how to play something. Just kidding. I'll leave that to the professionals.

Posted by ct2/unik at 1:17 AM EDT
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Saturday, 21 June 2003
A Rant
Marilyn Manson. I was in a doctors office today, and I picked up one of those art-like beatnik want to be magazines. And I figured out something. He is a well of ideas. Like, it's more then just music, he is living the life. I get the impression he really, really, is a career artist. That is isn't about the money, that it is about him. I think this is something that most artist over look. I don't know why.

I think there might just be a music trend coming to head with him. The Golden Age of Grotesque. See, in the article, either Manson or the interviewer, said that Grotesque was yet to reach it's golden age. But, I think a need is coming for this. That this is trend could hit hard core, it it was aimed at the right market. See, I believe, oddly enough, that characters being played online reflect a direct need for something. Lately, the more twisted, the sicker, the crazier, the iller, the better the response is to them. Morbid story lines are a plus. Even I am a huge fan of blood, gore and mutation. If, somehow a band can tap into this sick, unmediated rage, it would be the age of grotesque.

However, to tap into it cannot be emo. It cannot be main stream. Like punk, for a long time, it cannot be marketable. But, some will have an ear for it. It will be sicker and louder then anything else that has ever came along. In fact, it has to be very skin crawling. We are talking uncomfortable. Dealing with fears, and society, and how things work, and like, how some people are just meant to be crazy, and how messed up things where when they are attempted to be corrected.

See, there is one thing that Manson does that annoys me. It's collecting German stuff from the time of the holocaust. See, this sends up the flags of uncomfrontable. Most people know that the Germans at that time did horrible stuff. They watched the history channel. But, seriously, it was some sick stuff. Skin crawling stuff. And in a way, I think that collecting is helping him advance his sickness facade. Which is a paradox?

I don't know. But, there is something rippling right below the society. Something that is sick. Something that is gross, and mind blowing. And, then again, society has always been that way...surpress. Wait, let me correct that..America has always been that way.

Alright. Maybe, I'm not longer making any sence. But, I know what I'm saying.

Posted by ct2/unik at 1:19 AM EDT
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Friday, 20 June 2003
Possible Rockable
Music is the key to many things. So I was thinking, what exactly should this be a key too. And how quick do I want the key to turn. I think it comes down to names. So, here is my list of names and why I have chosen them.

Feral Apology: I like this name because it is a paradox. Think about it. If someone apologized to you ferally, would you really accept their word? I think not. If so. Shame on you fool.

Fifth Red Monkey: This is one of those band names where people will always ask how they came up with it. How did I come up with it? In my truck I have these little plastic things that are suppose to go onto the rim of cups. Instead, they hang out on my visor. The fifth one is named Isosceles. Listen, I have ALOT of spare time on my hands.

Slap Happy Susan: First off, this band would have to be all males. Confused? Re-read the name. Haha. Ha. Funny right?

Made By Scalpels: A band kids can kill themselves to. I could accept nothing less with a name like that. By the way, I don't endorse sucide.

Hidden Picture Show: If this was to be the band name, their first song would have to be totally mellow and in the top ten. The album they put out would be all loud and crazy, except for that one song. A band that can live up to their name.

Dust Kin: One hit wonders. They would be cool like OK Go for eight minutes, then after that...pfft. Who?

Unmotivated John: Chick band. Concept: Realtionshipts suck. Hand me my gold star for that name.

Totally Anonymous: Fake names required. At every interview they would say something totally different then what they said at the last. Would drive the media mechine crazy. They would only be in the spot light so long. But it would be...soooo good.

Green Wall: Also known as Green Day to. But, not new Green Day. Old Punky Green Day. Dookie Green Day. Lick my lips...

Wasted College: Could only work for a high school band that plays in churches. All stoners. Next please.

Stillborn Daydream: Depression is their forte. But they dress like Boy George.

State Fusion: Punk or Ska only. Loud. Balls to the wall. Yeah!

Insured Cloud: How sick would society have to be to insure a cloud? Soft, fluffy, wonderful, and now insured. This would have to be music along the lines of Stone Sour and Stained.

Paper Checkers: A three piece band that don't really get along, but just make..wonderful, wonderful music together.

Lily Assassins: Six very angry people. I think the music will just happen.

For now, that is all I got. I'll think of more. I got to be careful doing these things. And if anyone reading this, knows how to post pitures..please do tell

Posted by ct2/unik at 4:47 AM EDT
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Thursday, 19 June 2003
Unique Band Idea
I think it's about time to break the cookie cutter band types. I mean, everything about modern bands seems so boyish. Who are we marketing too? Fourteen year olds? I want to see a bunch of middle age men and woman complaining about life. Who would know better? Them, or the kid that just for the first time kissed a girl? Shut up, you know the answer.

So, my unique rock star idea is a band called Gus. It would be made out of the bus drivers that I had in high school. I had a woman that looked like Pat from SNL and a bunch of other scary looking people. They would sing songs about how much they hate their job, and how voting don't seem to help them any, and how broke they are, and failed relationships, and having to do drive a bus.

They must be fat, they can wear no special clothing, and they children have to be embarrassed by them. I know this sounds harsh, but I'm about putting the reality back in music. See, that is why our society loves super rock stars, because they are like, fantasy in a way.

That's right. All your Music icons are fantasy. Funny, I haven't heard a strong political view from anybody that is in the top ten list, but I know all their favorite colors. Think about that for a moment. Get my point.

See, Gus, my band composed of school bus drivers would have view, opinions, and such and such. And most likely a cult following. And of course, the media whores will be the last to get wind of these folks. By that time, hopefully it will be too late for them to be cleaned up an marketable.

And still be popular. For example, Great White. Stop gasping. You know who this band is. A one hit wonder? Or people that caused the Station Fire, the fourth biggest and deadliest fire in US history. Thank you very much. Sales of their CD went up after that fire. A bunch of sick people in this world, just wanted to listen to the music of mass killers.

So, in a nut shell, my unique band would be fat, ugly, unmarketable, but real. Not a huge money maker. So, it looks like I'm going to have to think of a side project. Maybe I'll just do it myself. What would a bunch of whining bus drivers do with a lot of money anyway? Buy new buses? Of course not, they would better their own lives. But, still. It gives me something to think about.

Posted by ct2/unik at 9:27 PM EDT
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Wednesday, 18 June 2003
Anti-Star Types and Gripes
I think it's a sad world we live in. Think about this, music impacts so many people, and then we have people that just spew out hate and racism. And the sad part is the more hateful it is, the more tragic, gross, and pointless, the more people buy it. We live in a society that thrives on hate. I don't understand this concept, and I am the most negative person alive in today's society.

And what about music that is sexist? There seems to be a whole genera of this kind of music. It's everywhere. Is it really a wonder why fourteen year old girls are getting knocked up? I think there should be studies done to see if there is a link between younger sexual activity and the kind of music that is being listened to. I mean, some of this music is practically verbal porn to a beat.

And then there is just this trend, whatever song becomes within the top ten, there is nine other bands to make a sound that sounds almost like it, but just enough not like it to be called original. It's a sad case where I hear six songs, they all almost sound alike, and the bands are supposedly totally different. What ever happened to things like..ground breaking.. unique.. or even interesting? I think we all know the answer..

The marketing beast. They are going to push whatever is selling so far, and so long, till the whole world is so sick of it. All in the name of the All Mighty Dollar. This is no longer a society based on God. I would like to say that it was, but, it isn't. The New God has many names, Skrilla, Che'ta, Benjamin, Fetta, Coin, Bills, Bucks...but it is all money. Nice spendable, sell your sole for it, hard cash.

Rock stars need to put on some clothing and eat something. I would be a lot happier with the music industry if all rock stars didn't look like models. Granted, these people are Hot, Sexy, and Beautiful. But are they real? Do they enjoy having to work out 4 hours a day to look like that? Wouldn't they just like to hang out and eat cake all day? I think it's about time there was a band of fat girls singing about date rape and cheese cake.

Talent. What is this? Most people don't even write their own music. Get over it. Even your White Rapper God Eminem don't write his own music. There is no way. And one day, I will prove it. He's a marketing tool. Get over it. Will the Real Slim Shady Please Sit Down and Shut Up. Now, if he was raised in a cardboard box, I might be able to respect him. I better shut up..or else he'll try to slander me in one of his songs..or have somebody else do it.

This is all the gripes I can think of for now. There are many more. If I need to be reminded of these, all I got to do is turn to MTV for 2.8 seconds, and be reminded why I am so at ends with the current trends in music.

Posted by ct2/unik at 11:32 PM EDT
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