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ET, The Swedish Connection

The drama of borrowing Floyd and Ingo

Ingomar Johanson

"tunder in my right" was all Ingo had to say to everyone before the first fight with Floyd. Dad took me along when he visited Ingo's training camp at Grossingers and we sat on the bleachers for 8 or ten of the dullest boxing one can imagine. I had seen enough fights to appreciate a well-thrown right, but I can honestly say that while Ingo's lady-friend was a real knock-out, Ingo never threw a solid against his training partner nor moved his right hand fron its nesting spot by his chin.. In retrospect, Ingo was well aware that my father's observations would shortly show up in Swedish print. .


  1. Accounts-receivable
  2. The A/R is no stronger than the account debtors. If sales are to AT&T, IBM, and EXXON, the value of these receivables as collateral is much stronger invoices from Cal'dor, Hermans or OPM Leasing. With top-quality debtoss who pay within terms, it is possible to obtain financing of 80% of the value of the A/R. The interest will be the Prime Rate plus a few points.

  4. Unless your inventory is gold or paper, lenders are reluctant to fund more than 30%to 40% and then only in conjunction with the A/R.

  6. Lenders generally consider lending about 50% of the "quick sale value" with a weak A/R and maybe up to 70% if the company has substantial positive cash flow.

Other Considerations