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??gReAt GoOgeLy moOgeLy??

This is my awesomely fantatamistic bud mAgical. she has got to be one of the neatest and most spectacularalylistic special, eloquently worded, kind, caring and greatest people i have ever come to know. Magical is one of those people that can brighten even the worst day of your life. She is truely gifted in helping others "this new army will never fall."

These two awesome chickies are Treece and Beeca they are two of the hardest rockin chillas around. They are crazy and unique as can be... and they both rock the world! Butt Shakin' Banjo Dance ber ner ner ber ner ner ner wHoOp wHoOp!
...and in the background, yawning, is another super spidifty chilla chicker Morgon. She is another one of my kewal tHrOnE luvin' buddies that is a totally original spuncacious girlie who gives her all to the things she loves. chilla roo's rule! (we'll get an approved non yawn picture of her up here soon)

this is where the picture of my dear bud lyn-er will go soon i guess you will just have to wait hahaha.