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Ok Soccer six! As you may or may not know our boys played in Soccer Six 2000! Soccer Six is (as far as I know) when a bunch of famous singers and bands play soccer against each other (Good to see they are calling it Soccer not 'football') I am going to guess it's got heaps to do with charity, but not place money on that bet cause you never know. I am not even going to pretend to understand the results tables, but safe to say 'we' won 2 but lost 3 so yeh. Robbie Williams (I don't wanna rock DJ ~dj~ but you're making me feel so nice..) won! So yay for him (I love that song!) I have two links here, one for images, and one for a detailed report of the matches, from the actual Soccer Six website. All these images can be found on the soccer six site, but I've saved you the trouble of sorting through it all. A picture of Richard at the Soccer Six site says "Richard James" and the boys were hung over on the day, being "the last to leave the pub the night before"... yeh just for a change hey.



(There is not a lot unfortunately, but hey - except one from 98 - they are all damn fine)

The report