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In the New Pics

(Ooo… Ahhh…)


*please note once again, that many of these pics came from "It's time I checked my lids for holes" an American based fan site. They are used with permission, thanks to Tanya.

The man himself

It’s saved as Kelly France, so he’s probably in France

From a mag I’m guessing

Kelly’s so short! :)

Someone’s written a lot of dumb comments on a few pics. Just ignore them…

I wish I got this magazine over here

Cerys from Catatonia


I am too jealous of her!


This looks cool


This is my fave photo... better than the harmonica ones

The flag is Yellow cause it's Scottish!…

(Cheers Rachel!)

He’s such a sweetie

I think that’s the same shirt he wore in Australia


Arr just one pic. Damn


Now, some more (these’ll be added to the not so good section). Most of these are taken by a fan, and I can’t for the life of me remember where I got them. I am assuming I got permission cause they were in my ready-to-go-on-the-site folder. So, if you took these, and I didn’t ask to use them, please let me know.