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Ok, the NEW CD! (woohoo) is called:


!and this is its tracklist!


1...Vegas two times
2...lying in the sun
4...have a nice day writer
7...nice to be out
8...step on my old size nines them fly sundays holidays
11...everyday i think of money


Lying in the sun is in the wonderful(?) land of Napster, as a live version, and nice to be out is maybe the B-side from the Pick a Part that's new single (australian edition, not too sure about the rest of the world). However it is called Nice to be out (Demo) so... who knows... I guess we all have to wait (somehow) until it's released in April 2001.


Ok, I found a wonderful site that said yes J*E*E*P is


Kelly said, "I don't know what it means, but you can read into it whatever you want. I just thought that this sums up what a lot of musicians are feeling about the way the industry's going." Kelly said his brother wrote the phrase on his bedroom wall after a tour of duty in Northern Ireland.