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hey! Isn't that........


Mum says Welsh people have 'a look' to them... I'd call it sexy. Every now and then one of the boys looks a little like some other celebrities or even real people. I have collected a few of these pictures, and am very keen to get some sent in of real people or other stars. So if you happen to see a picture that looks like one of the boys then send it to me at Alrighty???!

And I want you all to know that getting this site together nearly killed my computer so be happy! (STUPID COMPUTER IS MEANT TO BE GOOD! ARRRRRR I'M GONNA KILL IT MYSELF I SWEAR IT)


 Don't you think...

...looks a little like


Thomas Gibson

Greg of Dharma and Greg




Adam Sandler

Robbie from the Wedding singer




Josh Jackson

Pacey of Dawson's Creek




This Gorilla!





Mr Ed!

The taking horse





Its a tad gross, but still


And thanks to Aaron who found the Jaws thing for me!