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Evil Stuff!


Ok this is a bunch of stuff I have found that is, well... not exactly nice. I couldn't decide if I should call this Funny Stuff or Evil Stuff (cause lets face it, there is a fine line between them.) But then I remembered that a lot of people out there take offense easily, and I'm not in the mood for hate mail! (hehe) so..... have fun.....


OK this is from some site called something i don't remember, brought to my attention by someone in the phonics stereoboard (email me if you want me to put your name up by the way!)  Its a bit grotty, but I have to admit I thought the bit about Kelly was hilarious! And I listened to some of his song... he's no Eminem... more like the little kid who sits around listening to Big Kids then repeating all the 'bad words' to be cool.

Lisa from Steps, Cher, Celine Dion and Cliff Richard are individually abused and/or murdered in a shocking new track called Dreaming Of Injured Pop Stars, from an album entitled Panic Attack At Sainsbury's.
Chris T-T, who 'has a degree in pop music', includes the track on his second album and comments, 'Just because I'm a floppy indie musician, it doesn't mean I can't do lyrics like Eminem.' Whether Eminem has ever contemplated the line, 'Jean Michel Jarre is tired upside down/If he pissed himself he'll probably drown' is unknown.
sick lyrics include:
'Lisa from Steps, she's the one with the dark hair/Curled up in a ball at the bottom of the stairs/With the blood congealing all down her sleeve/I think she's severed an artery'
... and ...
'All around Wales the bands are on fire/As the flames lick higher they run from their homes/It only took one match to burn down Kelly Jones'
... oh, and ...
'Cliff Richard is nailed to a cross/With Lou Reed's head stuck up his arse'
The targets of Chris T-T's twisted verbal abuse - who also include legendary old man, Bob Dylan, and Gloria Estefan - have yet to hit back at the album, which is released via Snowstorm on 21 August.

It's not directly phonics, but its still close to home... (their home anyway)