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Hi!! Not many people send in there poetry, so PLEASE e-mail any poetry you wish to submit to me. It would be GREATLY APPRECIATED!!!! For all we know, it might even lead a reader to the Lord, or help someone to grow in Him.

However, please make sure your submitted poetry has no profanity or inappropriate content. I'll accept love poems dedicated to not the Lord, if they include the Lord somehow. If you would like to include a picture with your poetry, please do. Also, I will accept any MIDI files that you would like to be played with your poem.

To submit poetry, please include your name (ONLY if you want it posted, though I won't post it if you include it and ask me to write "anonymous"), a poem, your location (be as vague as you want), and how long you have known the Lord (approximately). And please tell me if you would like me to include your e-mail addy with the above information to post on this page:)

Thank you to ANY and ALL submissions!!!!

Here are some poems currently posted

I Will Be With Thee

Hold Me Jesus

I Said A Prayer For You Today

A Voice From Hell

He Told Me


Safe in the Hands That Hold Me

My First Greatest Love

Storms Ahead

Father, Son, And Holy Ghost

All They Had To Say

Enter Into Heaven



Have Faith

Save Me Again

Whiter Than Snow

He'll Love You Still

Almighty Lord


Show Me The Way

Other Places To Go....