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The Page of Insanity (with spinkles)

What this site will have

It will contain my artwork once I get some decent stuff, possibly some D&D and fantasy stuff, and whatever else I feel like putting up. If you care to gaze futher into the minds of myself and my friends, check out our dragonfire site.

6/12/2003 Time it seems passes so many ambitions; none completed. I must say that my skills at procrastination are almost without competition. My new oath will be to promise nothing, which I know I can deliver without fail. Anything else should be considered bonus. The story of Boris might be right for comics, but I shant draw it, at least not now. I might work on another, but I doubt it. I've already got so much I want to do this summer, and nothing that I've done. Now I will read, and then I will curse sleep, and then I will sleep, and then hopefully I will get something done. It's friday the 13th now...this is particularily a rotten mood for this day, and I can't explain where it came from. I was watching a decent movie only hours ago, and then Daria after that. Maybe it's the rain. I rant too much. Until, whenever, I doubt never, but you never know.

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