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Diary (Sep/04/99)

At this session our class, that is level 10, has college class. That subject is sociology. The teacher is very good. She speaks very clearly. I can understand her lectuer. But while I am writing something, I can not concentrate her speech. That's a problem. I had to read 30 pages yesterday. But I couldn't finish reading. I read only 11 pages. We got another paper today. So, at this weekend I have to read both of them.

After dinner Aiko and Ayako came to my room, and checked e-mail. Then we went to Kroger and a rental video shop. I want to buy movie video casette.

When we arrived at Lloyd dorm, we saw Luciana. Then we went to Aiko's room. We talked about our family, hometown and so on. We enjoyed very much. We promised that we would do something next weekend. It sounds very interesting.