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The Meaning of My Research No.3

My research subject is "Proposal of Human Waste Management System Which Uses Waterways in Metro Manila." This is the Pasig River, which flows through the center of Metro Manila. Water pollution load is rapidly increasing because of the population movement from the rural area. In the developed countries, this problem has been solved by the construction of modern infrastructure for treating wastewater. Photo 1 shows a typical modern infrastructure, which is the wastewater treatment facility in Japan. A problem of this kind of infrastructure is the cost is very expensive. Figure 1 shows Japanese GDP from 1950 to 1995. These circles show GDP of each country in Southeast Asia. Even if the Philippines takes the same course as developed countries like Japan, it will take more than 50 years to catch up with them. Because it is not realistic, a practical solution not depending on the expensive modern infrastructure should be considered.

Then, my proposal is as follows. This photo shows New-Type Toilet named "Bio-toilet". 1) By using the Bio-toilet, human waste should be composted in each house. The merits of using Bio-toilet are no odor generation and sanitary process. It is because human waste becomes compost that its transportation will be easier. The second of my proposal is that compost should be transported through waterways. In Metro Manila, a traffic jam is terrible, so it is difficult to transport a large amount of compost through land transportation. Therefore, I propose that the waterways should be rehabilitated. 3) Finally, compost will be transported to suburbs. In an agricultural area, they are short of a fertilizer. So, compost will be used in farmland. Adopting this system reduces the wastewater inflow into the Pasig River. And water quality of the Pasig River will improve.