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Currently Under Very Heavy Construction
Finally This page is done!!!  I've uploaded most of my favorite .wavs into my directory and now available for you to download!!   I have no idea why that big empty space between the intro and the .wavs is there! It was there in the first page, and is there again. If you have any .wav file that you would like to see posted, or that you would think I would like, Email Me. Please come back frequently to notice the updates in the page, and the rest of the site.

Have you played Links LS 2000 or 99 online, against other people? Have you seen them & heard them use "wav files" during the game? Well look no further, because now you too can use them..haha.. I have posted just a small portion of my prized collection of wav files to use during game play. I will organize this mess into a neat list for you people, but this will have to do for now.. You can download them below, and place them in your Links LS-Wav folder. Then to use them, in the chat box write, "", if happygilmore1 is a wav file you have. Enjoy!!
Here's an example of how you will write things in for chatting in LinksLS.

Last Updated: Monday, April 10th 2000
01/31/00-Added 79 new .wavs.
Over 200 .wavs available now!!

The wavs are a ways down the page for some weird, unknown reason, so just scroll down for a couple hours, and you should see them..

OR To skip all the empty space, just click this.. CLICK ME TO auto-scroll down the page!

****REQUEST****: I've been on a hunt for some sites with big or small collections of .wav clips from the following movies: Happy Gilmore or Tin Cup...If you know of any sites, PLEASE email me the link, or url!!!
.wav files

.Wav Files

7iron.wav Tin Cup "Then there's the 7iron, I never miss with the 7iron."
2001o.wav Clip from 2001 Space Odyssey song.
8iron.wav CaddyShack "About 195 yds. left, looks like about an 8iron."
100bucks.wav Rodney Dangerfield from Caddyshack saying "I bet you slice into the woods, a 100 bucks!"
abouttime.wav Happy Gilmore "Hey it is about time, I mean I just couldn't get the ball in the hole, I wanted to but I just couldn't do it."
ace.wav Happy Gilmore responding to his hole in one on the par 4."
Allthat.wav CaddyShack "Oh he got all of that one."
Answerm.wavNEW Seinfeld clip, George's dad leaves a message on Jerry's answering machine about George being dead.
anybetter.wav Golf Commentator "It doesn't get any better than this!!!"
apollo.wav "Launch Control, this is Houston, we are go for launch!!"
assman.wav Kramer from Seinfeld "I'm Cosmo Kramer, the assman!!"
away.wavNEW Happy Gilmore "Looks like you're still away." "Yeah, I'm aware of that, Thank you."
backback.wav ESPN "Back, back, back, gone."
ballhome.wav Happy Gilmore talking to his golfball.
Bananapl.wav Discussion between Jerry and Kramer about Kramer throwing a banana peel at a monkey!
cadshk21.wavNEW Caddyshack clip during the Caddy tournament when they're trying to make him miss a putt..
bdhip.wav Big Daddy; Delivery man trying to say hippopatomus.
bdoldman.wav Adam Sandler from Big Daddy "Hey, old man river, zip it or I'll break your hip!"
bdplease.wav Big Daddy kid saying "pa-pa-please don't do this to me."
beach.wav Happy Gilmore "You're gonna need a blanket and suntan lotion, cuz you're never gonna get off that beach."
beatme.wav Happy Gilmore "You're gonna beat golf..a haha."
beatrt.wav Golf Commentator "Beautiful touch right there."
begun.wav Happy Gilmore "It ain't over yet MgGavin, the way I see it, we've only just begun."
bfuldrv.wav Golf Commentator "Awe, another beautiful drive here."
big.wav 54 KB. Kramer saying "Oh, I'm lookin' right at you Big Daddy!! A FAV
bikwax.wav Gary McCord describing the speed of the greens.
Birdie.wav Sports Commentator excited after someone makes a Birdie!
Blewit.wav Kramer from Seinfeld saying "Ya blew it boy, ya really blew it!"
Bluck.wav One of the movers from Happy Gilmore saying "Beginner's Luck, 20 bucks says you can't do that again!"
checkitout.wav Home Alone "Hey guys, check this out."
ChipinAgain.wav Commentator talking about a chip that goes in!!
Cindboy.wav Bill Murray from CaddyShack. Very funny. He's pretending to be playing in a golf tourney.
closer.wav Adam Sandler from Happy Gilmore saying "Somebody's closer!!"
clothes.wav Happy Gilmore "Hey, if I saw myself wearing clothes like those, I'd have to kick my own ..."
club.wav Happy Gilmore "Whoa, the club went farther than the ball."
coach.wav Song clip "Put me in coach, im ready to play, today"
Cocobean.wavNEW Kramer trying to guess George's bank password.
Coolorme.wav David Spade "Is it cool in here, or is it just me!?"
cputerror.wav King of the Hill "Computers don't make errors, what they do, they do on purpose."
crazy.wav Happy Gilmore "You know what's driving me crazy, you not putting the ball in the hole."
dedodedo.wav Background music from HampsterDance website(featured on a commercial).
Damyou.wavNEW Shooter MGavin from Happy Gilmore saying to the rowdy crowd "Dam you people, this is Golf...not a rock concert!"
dieclown.wavNEW Happy Gilmore "I hate that clown...You're gonna die clown!"
doin.wav The Rock "It doesn't matter how you're doin!"
downhill.wav Happy Gilmore conversation with caddy about the break of a putt.
drawT.wav Golf Commentator "Solid looking golf swing, that'll be right to left..."
DRVBIG3.WAV Commentator commenting on a big drive!
elmos.wav Elmo ....something with somebody..(No comment)"
embaress.wav Happy Gilmore "Aw, this is embaressing, I'm a professional golfer for god's sake."
enfuego.wav 31 KB. ESPN Anchor saying "dare i say, enfuego!"
enough.wav Happy Gilmore (punching, "I think you've had enough.)
er.wav TV show E.R.'s theme song.
excuse.wavNEW Happy Gilmore "Excuse me, I'm looking for my ball..this is golf, thank you, thank you."
estupid.wavNEW Enemy of the State "You're either incredibly smart, or incredibly stupid!".
f.wav Happy Gilmore bleeped out swears after missed putt.
fancyshot.wav Jack Nicklaus "Pretty fancy shot there."
fg.wav Tin Cup "Fairways and greens, hand me a 2 iron."
finalanswer.wav Regis "So that's your final answer??"
Finger.wavNEW Jerry Seinfeld clip about the moyle circumsising his finger.
football.wav "Are you ready for some football?"
Forkinme.wav Chandler from Friends saying "Stick a fork in me..I'm done!"
freak.wav Kramer from Seinfeld "Will you stop it man, you're freakin' me out!"
gdroll.wav Gary McCord "Man, what a good roll that was!"
getin.wav Crowd "get in the cup, get in the hole, oh oh, aw."
getinhole.wav Someone yelling "Get in the hole!!"
giddyup.wav Kramer from Seinfeld "Giddyup"
giveup.wav Home Alone "You guys give up, or are ya thirsty for more."
Goin.wav Happy Gilmore sound clip of him putting. (when the ball goes past the cup, then back in.."Did it go in the hole, cuz i didn't see, i know it went up, but i didn't see it go in, ok, alright!!" Great WAV"
gonogo.wav Apollo 13 "Give me a go, no go for launch."
goodone.wav CaddyShack "Ooh, that was a good one."
Googly.wav Old guy from Snickers commercial saying "Great, googly Moogaly!".Very funny!
gotohell.wav Elain (Seinfeld) "Here's to those who wish us well, and those who don't can go to hell."
gottabe1.wav Jim Carrey (Mask) "Unfortunately, there must always be a loser."
gottaloveit.wav Happy Gilmore "Oh yeah, you gotta love that, you like that baby, plenty more where that came from, yeah."
gspar.wav Golf Commentator "Good save there for par."
haha.wav Happy Gilmore "A hahahaha shut up!"
hahaha.wav Happy Gilmore (clown laughing, Gilmore's mad.)
handtruth.wav "You can't handle the truth!"
Hands.wav Kramer "They're smooth, creamy, delicate, yet masculine!"
happyputt.wav Adam Sandler from Happy Gilmore saying "ooh, Happy learned how to putt, uhoh."
heckler.wav Happy Gilmore "You suck, ya jackass."
heckler2.wav Happy Gilmore "You will not make this putt, ya jackass."
heckler3.wav Happy Gilmore "jackass", followed by a bad shot by Happy.
Heygdbye.wavNEW Clip from the Na na na na Song"
hgball.wav Happy Gilmore "Step right up folks, see if you can outdrive the amazing, golfball-a-whacker guy."
hgplace.wav Happy Gilmore; clip talking about a happy place.
Hgtap.wav Adam Sandler from Happy Gilmore saying "Just tap it in, just tap it in, give it a little tappy, tap tap taparoo!" Good to use when someone has just a short, easy putt left.
ho.wav Golf Commentator " 'bout that!!"
holdcall.wav David Spade "Hole your calls America, we have a winner."
holdup.wav Chris Farley saying "Sweet mother of God, what is the holdup?!"
homeball.wav Happy Gilmore (long clip of him talking to his ball)
Inteldoh.wav Intel chime followed by Homer's "DOH""
Juniormint.wavNEW Kramer "Who's gonna turn down a juniormint? It's chocolate, it's's very refreshing!"
justabit.wav Major League Baseball "Just a bit outside."
killme.wav Hank from King of the Hill saying "Just kill me now!" Good to use after you hit a terrible shot or shots in succession.
kisser.wav "One of these days, one of these days, POW, right in the kisser."
late.wavNEW David Letterman "Ladies and Gentleman we're desperately short on time, thanks for watching, have a lovely weekend, goodnite everybody."
layup.wav TinCup "I know I can make this god damn shot, but the smart play is to layup."
Lighton.wav Super 8 Commercial guy saying "We'll leave the light on for you."
lip.wav From Grumpy Old Men, "Why don't you do the World a favor, and pull your lip over your head and swallow!"
lookgood.wav Will Smith "I make this look good."
looksgoodputt.wav Golf Commentator "Putt from the right corner looks good.."
lorid.wav Clip from LoRider song"
lostball.wav Shooter Mgavine from Happy Gilmore saying "Just hit your ball...if you can find it!!
lostopp.wav CBS Commentator saying "And that was..a..lost opportunity.."
Lugee.wav Jerry Seinfeld explaining that "that is one, magic lugee!!!
mademedo.wav George (Seinfeld) "Now look what you made me do."
Masters.wav Bill Murray again. He's pretending he's in the Masters. In reality, he's whacking at flowers!!!
micktee.wav 'nother Commentator saying "he went with the driver here, and he's pushed this way right!
mustholeit.wav Commentator saying "he must hole it, he must hole it,..(followed by cheers showing that he did indeed hole it!)"
nixon.wav Richard Nixon "I am not a crook!"
nofun.wavNEW Men In Black "I'm not having any fun here, you know how I get when I don't have any fun."
nosign.wav Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story saying "Appears to be no sign of intelligent life anywhere!"
notscared.wav Home Alone "This is it, don't get scared now."
Oweme.wav Rodney Dangerfield from Caddyshack saying "Ok, you can owe me!" A good wav to follow the 100bucks.wav!!
painful.wav CBS commentator saying "I don't even know what I'm feeling, this is the most painful thing I've ever seen."
par5bbc.wav Golf Commentator "Ooh, and he unleashed that one..." on par 5
perverted.wav Seinfeld "I don't wanna have anything to do with you or your perverted friends."
pieceome.wav Adam Sandler from Happy Gilmore fighting with Bob Barker saying "you like that old man, you want a piece of me?"
plkeeps.wav Bill Murray from Caddyshack saying "Ok, I guess we're playing for keeps now, I guess the kidding around is pretty much over, huh?"
prosnack.wav Happy Gilmore "I can't believe you're a professional golfer, I think you should be working in the snack bar."
rattle1.wav Sound of a ball going in the hole.
recipe.wavNEWHOT Kramer messes up a recipe "The recipe was for 4-6 people, I had to multiply it for 183 people...I guess I got confused!!!"
reservation.wavNEW Seinfeld clip discussing reservations..EXTREMLY FUNNY!!"
tipit.wav TinCup "Grip it, and rip it."
Rocca.wav Sound of an anticipating crowd, then cheers, and commentators excited after a LONG putt made.
rocku.wav We will, we will ROCK YOU... Song clip"
rumble.wav An anouncer saying "And now ladies and gentleman, let's get ready to rumble!!!" I love to use this one to start the game.
Rumb2.wav LET'S GET READY TO RUMBLE!!! followed by some great music!"
running_well.wav Golf Commentator "Ooh, it was running well, just moved at the end."
refreshing.wav Kramer from Seinfeld "It's very refreshing!!"
Setup.wav Sound clip played during LinksLS installation
sickmama.wav Kramer from Seinfeld "You are one sick mama, I like it!!"
Sadstrang.wav Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story 2, "You are a sad, strange little man"
Seinfeldbus.wavNEW Kramer's heroic story about how he got rid of a mugger while driving a bus.
Seinfeldnip.wavNEW Jerry Seinfeld "I'm not sure..and correct me if I'm wrong..but I think I see....a nipple.
shaped.wav Commentator commenting on a good drive that was "shaped"
shotofday.wav Johnny Miller after a good shot, saying how that might be the shot of the day.
show.wav Cuba Gooding Jr. from Jerry Mguire saying "Show me the money" I love to use this in Skins Games after winning a skin or two!!
Showmony.wav Jerry Mguire screaming "Show me the Money!!"
stepduck.wav Chandler from Friends "Step away from the duck!"
tahoe.wav Golf Commentator "And ugh, we have a prize for a hole in one, a Chevy Tahoe."
tbest.wav Clip from "You're simply the best.." song"
tcb.wav Seinfeld "So what do you do down there all day?", Kramer "TCB, Takin' care of business!"
thathurt.wav Happy Gilmore "Oh god that hurt a little, but I'm alright."
thatshme.wav Kramer "That's a shame."
thx.wavNEW Intro sound you hear at the movies (gets louder and louder).
Tiger.wav Scattered reactions from the crowd after a Tiger Woods drive.
tigerdr3.wav CBS commenting on "wow this is a big one here,...and still going". Good for a big drive.
toright.wav Golf Commentator "Oh and this ones way right, this isn't even gonna come close to the fairway"
tygoodnite.wav George (Seinfeld) "Thank you, and goodnight."
ucandoit.wav King of the Hill "That's ok, you can do it, just choke up on it, and swing less like a girl."
udaman.wav Someone saying "Udaman".
uglyhat.wav Rodney Dangerfield from CaddyShack "Oh this is the worst lookin' hat I've ever saw...Oh it looks good on you though.."
Uhitguy.wav From Happy Gilmore, someone saying "U hit that guy!"
waiting.wav CaddyShack "Well, we're waiting!"
whatnite.wav "Ew, what a night."
whoopass.wav Adam Sandler "Time to open up some whoop ass."
Why2.wav Chandler from Friends saying "Why, why, why, why would they do this?"
witness.wav ESPN "Can I get a witness from the congregation."
wowshot5.wav Golf Commentator "How good is that, unbelievable!"
Worthy.wav Not sure what it's from, but 2 people screaming "we're not worthy, we're not worthy, we're scum, we're scum!!!!"
wrong.wav Happy Gilmore "The price is wrong bitch."
wrote.wav CaddyShack "And that's all she wrote."
wthemail.wav Jerry Seinfeld "What the hell is email!?"
xtrod.wav CBS Commentators, David Feherty & Gary McCord's reaction after a good shot! Good to use obviously after a good shot.
yeababy.wav Austin Powers saying "yea baby, yea" Good to use after anykind of a good shot.
Young.wav Rodney Dangerfield from CaddyShack saying "Let's Go, while we're Young!"
zone.wavNEW Happy Gilmore "I don't know it is about this big winning streak I'm on, I'm in the zone, the hole just seems to get bigger."
Simpson .WavsSimpson .Wavs
2person.wav Homer "Boy, this is a lot more fun with a 2nd person!"
912.wav Chief Wiggums from Simpsons saying " got the wrong number..this is 9-1....-2.
apuhell.wav Apu "Thank you for coming, I'll see you in hell!"
backkill.wav Homer saying "Alright don't like me and I don't like you, but let's do this thing so I can get back to killing you with beer!"
Barneylight.wavNEW Barney "Aagh, natural light..get it off me, get it off me!!"
bartab.wavNEW Hilarious snip from conversation between Moe and Barney from Simpsons about Barney's bartab and NASA!!
beerbart.wav Homer saying "Awe, there's only 1 beer left, and it's Bart's."
beerkill.wav Homer scolding Lisa on her idea of how Beer kills brain cells..
butch.wav Mr. Burns forgeting to turn off the intercom, the swearing! Funny!
blakjack.wav Homer during a BlackJack game."19.hitme.20.hitme.21.hitme.22.DOH!"
blubber.wav Homer "Woohoo, look at that blubber fly!"
bones.wav Bart trying to buy a comic book worth 60 dollars for 99 cents, then discussion with Comic Book guy. Funny.
bueno.wav The Spanish Bee guy from the Simpsons saying "ay, no es bueno!"
captin.wav Homer saying "ay ay captain"
catch.wav Many of the Simpsons' catch phrases jumbled together during one of the episodes.
chalk.wav Groundskeeper Willy and Principle Skinner discussing the need to remove the colored chalk from the classrooms because the students are getting over stimulated..GREAT WAV
comeagain.wav Apu "Thank you, come again!"
computer.wav Homer saying "No time for that now, the computer's starting."
college3.wav Mr. Burns and Mr. Smithers "For the love of god there are 2 seats!!", "I like to put my feet up."
crooked.wav Homer telling Chief Wiggums that "ya know, one day honest citizens are gonna stand up to you crooked cops." followed by Wiggums asking if they have set a date!!!
cruddy4.wav Lisa questioning US Postal employee about why there are 9 digits in a zipcode.
cube.wav Homer giving Mr. Burns messages about how he has 30 min.'s to move his car, 10 min's, 5 min.s to move his car, your car has been impounded, you car has been crushed into a cube, you have 5 mins to move your cube.
curvybutt.wav Homer "Kiss my curvy butt..Goodbye!"
doh.wav Homer Simpson saying "Doh!"
donuts.wav Homer "Donuts, is there anything they can't do?"
drnick.wav Dr. Nick saying "Hi everybody" Bart saying "Hi Dr. Nick".
eatthem.wav Homer pleading to Aliens not to eat him, he's got a wife and kids; eat them.
Forgot.wavNEW Homer "Ah, crap I forgot."
fourweek.wav Marge-"Plant called and said if you don't come in on Friday, don't bother coming in Monday either."...Homer-"Woohoo, four day weekend!!"
frogert.wav Homer told about the goods and Bads about a object with a curse but comes with a Free Frogurt.
germans.wav Mr. Burns making fun of the Germans.
grease.wav Groundskeeper Willy from "The Simpsons" telling Lunch Lady Doris to grease him up!! FUNNY
greatmercy.wav Homer saying "Great merciful crap!"
hiddlyho.wav Flanders saying "Hidely Ho"
hmr_chmp.wav Homer singing "I am the champion, I am the champion, no time for losers...."
hsmail.wav Homer saying "The mail, the mail is here!! ewwww"
IOdnt.wav Homer reading a note "Dear Homer, I O U one emergency donut, signed Homer; BASTARD, he's always one step ahead!!"
laws.wav Homer saying "In this house, we obey the Laws of Thermodynamics!!"
liedetector.wavNEW Lie Detector test on Moe about Burns' death."
magbast.wav Apu "You magnificent bastard, I salute you!"
milfish.wav Milhouse blabbering about the time Bart ate his goldfish, then told him he never had one..
Moedignt.wavNEW Moe "But no, no, that was funny, that was funny, taking away my dignity like that, haha..."
mrburns.wav Homer pretending to be Mr. Burns at the post office, but doesn't know Burns' first name..FUNNY
Nachohat.wavNEW Homer clip with his Nachohat.
NoPity.wav Funny wav to use online. Lisa "I don't want your pity"
notv.wav Homer & Marge- No TV and No beer make Homer something, something...Go crazy..Don't mind if I do.AGH
outahere.wav Homer "That's it, I'm outahere!"
question.wav Homer spoils Apu's chance at asking the Head Quickimart person 3 questions.Funny
Reunion.wavNEW Ned Flanders' family from all over the world.
showover.wav Chief Wiggums "ok shows over, shows o..oh my god..a horrible crash, hey everybody crowd, crowd around..."
scratchy.wav Theme song for Itchy and Scratchy
singing.wav Groundskeeper Willy singing!!! (downtown song)GREAT .WAV
softball.wav Song played from the episode with the Nuclear Power Plant Softball team filled with Major League Baseball players as ringers!
somewhere.wav Homer in 3D "I'm somewhere where I don't know where I am."
Sorry.wavNEW Homer sounding sarcastic but not "...oh I see, then everything is wrapped up in a neat little package. Really, I mean that. Sorry if I sounded sarcastic."
stalk.wav Homer giving another reason why he's going outside after getting told not to stalk Lenny and Carl..FUNNY
stoncutt.wav Theme song for the Stone Cutters.
stopped.wav Barney saying his heart stopped.
suck.wavNEWHOT Homer "Yeah Moe that team sure did suck last night, I mean they just sucked..I've seen teams suck before, but they were the suckiest bunch of sucks that ever sucks....Ah gotta go, my damn weiner kids are listening."
superb.wav Comic Book guy saying "Ah, a superb choice."
table5.wavNEW Homer "Now let's give it up for Table 5..Uh uh uh uh table 5 table 5 uh uh uh uh table 5..".
thohc20.wav Snipet from the Alien-Jerry Springer Episode of Simpsons. Lots of bleeps.
tron.wavNEW Homer stuck in 3D world "Can you tell us what its like in there? Um, it's like a, did anyone see the movie Tron? No, no, no, no, no, no, no, yes..I mean no."
twinky.wav Apu saying "Silly customer, you cannot hurt the twinky!"
whatwsth.wav Homer "What the hell was that?"
wheremy.wav Homer "Where's my burrito?"
Willysave.wavNEW Groundskeeper Willy "If I don't save the wee turtles who will?...Agh, save me from the wee turtles, they were too quick for me..AGH!!"
woohoo.wav Homer's patented "woohoo!"
yes.wav Homer "Yeeess!!"
Wrestling .WavsWrestling .Wavs
andtherockmeans.wav The Rock--"So according to the Rock's rolex..(Mankind interferes!!)
cookinnn.wav The Rock--"If ya small a lalalala what the cookin!"
dmatterhowifeel.wav Mankind--"It doesn't matter how I feel Micheal Cole!"
dmopinion.wav HHH "Vince ya know what I think.."Rock--"It doesn't matter what you're opinion is!!"
doesntmattername.wav The Rock--"And this jabronis name....yes that is correct, it does not matter what his name was."
doin.wav The Rock "It doesn't matter how you're doin!!"
hartford.mp3 The Rock "Finally the Rock has come ack to Hartford!!" (CT)
finally.wav The Rock "Finally, the Rock has come back to State College!"
finallyDC.wav The Rock "Finally, the Rock has come back to Washington, D.C.!"
millionsdozens.wav Mankind "With the millions...of the Rock's fans, and the dozens...of Mankind's fans!"
nchips.wav The Rock talkin' with Mankind (It doesn't matter..)
roaddogg.wav Road Dogg--his intro. speech
rock15.wav The Rock "you bring the Rock can.."
rock2.wav The Rock talkin' to Micheal Cole about putang pie..
rock433.wav The Rock talkin' to HHH...
rockhascomeback.wav The Rock "Finally, the Rock has come back to Greensboro!"
rockname.wav The Rock "The Rock just wants to know what is your name...It doesn't matter what your name is!!"
rockrawfans.wav The Rock talkin' "smack" to Paul Wight and crowd interferes with Rock's lines..
rockpar.wav The Rock saying a bunch of different wrestlers' sayings, "no, that's not it, that's not it...."
sockcookin.wav Mankind "If ya smell la la la la, what the sock is cookin!"
therock.wav The Rock talkin' to Micheal Cole..Great wav with lots in it.

****!! I'm not claiming any of these to be made by me, as I have collected all of them from the far reachs of the internet, and from many various websites and newsgroups..and I would just like to say thank you for those that have contributed !! This web site, its operator and any content on this site relating to "The Simpsons" have nothing to do with Fox.****

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