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Write to JK Rowling

The Plan

Last August I promised to send a bunch of your emails to JK (through the mail) in a book type thing. Sadly...I lost everything. Here's what I want to do:

I would be thrilled if people sent me a quick note, some original Harry Potter poetry, a letter, a piece of fan art FOR JK ROWLING. I want to bind everything together in a book and send it to JK for her birthday or something ; ). I would be so thankful if you participated! Email everything here. You don't need to include your full name or address if you don't want. You will get full credit for everything you send in. Thank you so much!

JK's Address
Here are JK's mailing addresses if you don't already have them. They're from Albus Riddle, Slytherin (thanks Albus)!

USA Address:
JK Rowling
C/O Scholastic Books
555 Broadway
New York, Ny 10012

UK Address:
JK Rowling
C/O Bloomsburry Publishing, plc
38 Soho Square
London, England, W1V5DF

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