The Cordova Incident

Part 3


by Máire Flynn


            Carol and Josie walked with each other down the hallways, stopping only to check in classrooms.  For the most part, the regressing children had gone to the gym as instructed, but there were a few isolated groups that never heard the order to relocate to the gym.  This would have been so much easier if the intercom system was functional.  Thanks to cutbacks in government budget, the school did not have enough money during the month to pay for maintenance.

            As Josie and Carol made it to the third floor, they stopped to take a break.  “Hey Jose, I could sure use another one of those cloves if you have one.”  A fifteen year-old Carol chirped.  Josie smiled at her, knowing that she had done her part in hooking someone else to the threat of bleeding lungs. 

            “Sure, girlie.  Here ya go,” Josie said with a smile.

            “So why don’t you have a boyfriend, anyway?”  Carol asked.  “You’re pretty enough, that’s for sure.”  Josie blushed and began intensely studying her feet.  “Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to bring up anything personal, I just figured you would have found somebody by now.”

            “Well . . . guys can be a pain in the ass,”  Josie muttered, “but . . .”

            “But what?”  Carol asked.

“I don’t think it’s the whole reason.”  She took a drag from her cigarette and said, “I dunno . . . I’m just some kinda freak.”

            “Maybe, and maybe I was the same sort of ‘freak’ when I was your age.  Maybe I still am.”

            Josie looked up, studying the other girl closely.  “Whattya mean?”

            “Well, this is what I mean, Josie.”  The other girl leaned closer and gave Josie a delicate peck on the edge of her mouth.  Josie’s pulse immediately quickened, a pounding sound filled the inside of her head, which took Josie a moment to realize that it was her own heart.  She touched the spot where Carol had kissed her, her fingers trembling.  After a moment of silence, the other girl blushed and turned away from her.  “I’m sorry Josie . . . I shouldn’t have done that.  Heh, I dunno . . . I just thought—”  But Carol never had time to finish her sentence because she found herself being spun back around to face Josie as the now older girl pulled her close.  Their lips met again, and Carol sighed with pleasure.  Josie moaned desperately, a tear running down her cheek as she held her former teacher close.  They must have kissed for minutes, Carol feeling like it was her first kiss, but using all the techniques that she had acquired as an adult who had gone to college.  What Josie lost with the clumsiness of a girl never having been kissed, she made up for in undisguised hunger and passion.  Josie moaned again when she felt like her ears were on fire, along with another part of her body that had awakened for the occasion.  She wanted to touch herself down there, but was way too afraid to do such – and it didn’t matter anyway.  They were kissing, and the kiss could last forever, for all Josie cared.  It was that one special kiss that all others would be judged.  Her first kiss.

            When they drew back from each other, Josie fought the urge of reinitiating the embrace, but Carol was already looking around, seemingly uninterested in what had just happened . . . this would be believable, had Carol’s face not been so flushed.

            “You know, the office I work in is just over there.”  She took Josie by the hand and led the dazed girl away to a place of ensured privacy.

            When they reached the office, she shut the door, and they kissed again.  This time, Josie’s arms were moving up and down the fourteen year-old’s back, memorizing every contour, moving her hands lower to cup the student teacher’s tight rear.  The room was dark, and when Carol lost her balance, she let out a cute squeak as she fell backwards, her ass hitting the comfort of a desk.  Unfortunately, Josie’s fingers were still in the way, which caused her to go, “Ouch shit!” in a hushed tone.  This made both of the teenagers giggle. Carol lifted herself up onto the desk to sit, where she wrapped her legs around Josie tightly.  This made the sixteen year-old want to melt. 

Carol undid the first button of Josie’s blouse, but hesitated, looking up at the now older girl with innocent, expectant eyes.  Josie’s answer was another barrage of hungry kisses, these were aimed towards Carol’s forehead, left cheek, and her ear – where she began softly nibbling.  For Josie, this was all undiscovered country, and she could not get over the unquenched urge to devour the other girl whole.  She couldn’t explain it, but she could not seem to get close enough to Carol physically – even with her body pressed tightly against the other.  Carol returned the kissing barrage by nibbling on Josie’s ear, but then moving lower to her neck, and lower still, to the exposed portion of Josie’s chest that had been brought into the open by the partially unbuttoned blouse.  When that wasn’t enough, Carol undid another button with her teeth, while unbuttoning the rest with her hands.  When finished, she spread the blouse open and nuzzled her face in between Josie’s creamy white breasts.

            Josie reached down to the bottom of Carol’s sweater and lifted it up and over the young girl’s head, where she was met with a sight of beauty – two perfect, firm little breasts . . . with no sign of a bra to speak of.  “I had to take my bra off earlier.  I was a cup size larger and a little heavier at twenty-four,” Carol whispered. 

            “They . . . They’re beautiful.”  Josie whispered, her voice shaking.  She leaned forward as Carol leaned backwards, and began kissing the little freckled boobs, gliding her tongue around in circles on one of Carol’s puffy little nipples.  Carol moaned and writhed, running her delicate fingers through Josie’s hair.

            “Please….someone!  Anybody!”  A voice cried from outside of the office.  The shock made Josie bite Carol’s nipple, causing the younger girl to squeak in shock.  The jumped away from each other and began getting dressed.  Josie distantly observed that

Carol’s clothes weren’t going to be clinging to her at all if she lost any more years.  As she was tightening her belt to the last notch, Josie’s clothes were already rearranged properly.  Josie gave Carol the once over, to make sure she was decent, before opening the door to see who was screaming.  

            Josie swung the door open and hurried out into the hall, and nearly knocked over the little boy standing before her.  “Sweetie, what’s the matter?  Why aren’t you downstairs with the oth…..Cameron?”

            The little boy, clad in only his T-shirt, was adorable, but his hairstyle and the beautiful eyes could only belong to Lisa’s boyfriend.  “Cameron?”  Josie repeated.  Through all of the chaos that day, she had not once stopped to think about her best friend and how she and Cameron were affected.  It should have been the first thing on her mind, but everything else had superceded Lisa and Cam.  “Cam . . . where’s Lisa?  Tell me she’s all right, please.”  She had abandoned her friend for Carol, and this was her punishment.  They should have continued searching the building for students, but they had stopped to fuck . . . now she was going to reap what she had sewn.

            The little boy only sniffed and pointed to the girls’ bathroom at the end of the hall.  “Cam, what’s happened to her?”  About that time, Carol ran out of the office, her cloppy footfalls announcing her presence.

            “She . . . She’s in the bathroom.  She’s hurting, Josie!”  Josie took off running without any further hesitation, tears welling up – then streaming from her eyes.

            “Josie, wait up!  Carol called after her, trying her best to catch up with Josie, in spite of the older girl’s longer stride and shoes that no longer fit.  Josie might as well have been on the other side of the continent, for she was not listening to Carol or the crying boy.  She found herself caught in a terrible trap of fate.  She had to get to Lisa, but not so she could help her best friend – not primarily; Josie wanted to see what her negligence had brought.

            She burst into the bathroom and looked around.  When she didn’t immediately see Lisa, she screamed out for her.  She walked by each stall, slamming open each door.  When she got to the one on the far end, she found the door locked.

            “Lisa?”  Silence.  “Lisa!  Are you in there?!”  Her voice was becoming shaky, and hysteria was on the other side of that door, waiting to swallow her up.  “LISA!  It’s Josie, open up!”  She heard a shuffling noise from the other side, but still no answer.  “Goddamnit Lisa say something, you’re scaring the shit out of me … I’ll bust the door down if you don’t—”

            She heard the sound of the latch sliding unlocked, and the door opened slightly.  Josie took a deep breath and opened it all the way.  When she looked in, she saw a cute little cherub with bright blonde hair and deep, bloodshot blue eyes staring up at her, her face stained with tears.  The small angel was sitting on a pile of clothes, wearing nothing but a long T-shirt.  Her hands disappeared under the fabric, clutching at something at her crotch.

            “Lisa … what’s the matter?”  Josie’s mind was a whirlwind of nonsense, so thoughts had yet to catch up with the moment.

            “It’s stuck,” the child whispered quietly.  Josie knelt down and moved her hands toward little Lisa, who cringed and shrank away from the bigger girl’s touch.

            “Lisa, I need to see what’s wrong, okay?  I can’t help you until you show me what it is!”  Lisa began sobbing at Josie’s loud voice.  The older girl softened and hunkered down beside her friend and said in a softer tone, “Oh sweetie, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to yell at you . . . but I just want to help you.  Come on, you can trust me, angel.  Remember that time I fell out of that tree and broke my ankle, and how you carried me on your back to the house?  It’s just like that time, Lisa . . . so let me help you out for once, okay?  Please?”  The little girl’s eyes softened with recognition, and her hands guarding her crotch and stomach relaxed a little.  “Lisa, I’m just going to take a look and see what’s the matter, okay?  I’m just going to lift your shirt a little.”

            Josie gently moved Lisa’s little hands away and lifted the shirt.  What she saw almost made her wince, but she kept a calm face for Lisa’s benefit.  The clothes Lisa was sitting atop were stained with patch of blood.  Josie squinted her eyes and leaned closer, and that was when she saw a red-stained string leading into the girl’s privates.  “It’s stuck.”  Lisa repeated.

            Oh shit! Josie came short of shouting, but knew better.  My God, she’s had that stuck in her since this all started, and she’s been getting smaller.  No wonder she hadn’t seen Lisa at all during the whole ordeal, whenever the regression had started, she must have gone to the bathroom to change tampons, when she discovered that she no longer could.  God knows she would have been too embarrassed to ask for help, she was afraid the other girls in the bathroom would make fun of her, so she had stayed here for probably the whole time.  Maybe Cameron had saw her go in the restroom, and kept waiting, and finally got worried when she never came out.  Maybe he couldn’t find her, so he went on a search, and finally found her.

            “Josie, what’s wrong?”  That was Carol’s voice from behind her.  She sounded even younger than before, like twelve now.

            Josie turned and said in a quiet tone, “She has a tampon stuck inside her, and she can’t pull it out.  She’s bleeding.

            Carol did gasp, and almost brought a protective hand to the loose crotch of her pants.

            “Carol, we’ve gotta do something . . . She needs a doctor or something!”

            “Something tells me the doctors are probably busy right now, Josie.  God knows what’s going on outside this building!”

            “Everyone’s getting younger, that’s what’s going on!”  Josie snapped back.  “She’s in pain, we have to do something!” 

Carol was silent for a minute, but then she snapped her fingers and said, “There is something we can do.  Bring her over here to the sink, if you can.”

            “I don’t know if we should be moving her, what if something’s ruptured!”  Josie brought a protective arm around little Lisa.  The child only whimpered with pain and despair.

            “Josie, if we leave her like this, she probably will rupture if she gets any smaller with it inside her.  Bring her over to the sink, and we might be able to pull it out.”  Lisa’s hands flew back to her crotch and began wailing.

            “No . . . it’s stuck and it hurts!  It really hur-ur-urts!”   Jose regarded the girl with unmasked sorrow and then looked back at Carol’s determined gaze.  It was time for her to make a decision, and she was the only one in charge now.

            “Okay . . . alright.  We’re going to do this then.  Now Lisa, can you walk?”

            “It hurts Josie!”

            “Okay, I understand sweetie . . . but I’m going to have to lift you up and carry you over to the sink, okay?”  Josie was staring into Lisa’s eyes, wondering if this would bring another battle of wills with the four year old.  When she an expression of doubt crease the girl’s forehead, Josie said, “We have to get this out of you, or it’s going to get worse.” When Lisa reluctantly submitted to the Josie’s plan, the older girl gently lifted her up and carried the small child to the sinks lining the bathroom wall. 

Carol was running a sink full of warm water, the steam from the facet fogging up the mirror above it.  Carol rolled up her long sleeves and looked up at Josie, still holding Lisa in her arms like a mother with her infant.  Carol, in some abstract recess of her brain, envied the embrace.  “Okay, this is what we do . . . my mother taught me this when I first wore a tampon, I couldn’t pull it out, so she made me sit in a bathtub filled with warm water.  It relaxed me enough to pull it out.”

            “Will this work for Lisa?”

            “It should, her vagina is still elastic in nature,” the twelve year old lectured.  “I mean, we’re meant to pass a child, and even if she can’t stretch like she did at sixteen, her tissue still can.  It’s mostly the stress that’s causing it.”

            “But she’s been bleeding, Carol!”

            “It’s probably her hymen, it isn’t given a chance to clot the bleeding because it keeps getting torn, plus it’s because she’s probably been wearing the same tampon all day, it’s gotta be soaked by now.”  Josie glanced uneasily at Lisa – after all, they were talking about her and her sensitive anatomy as if she wasn’t even in the room.  Carol continued her lecture.  “But regardless, we have to pull it out now.

            “Okay, let’s do it.”  Josie said, uncomfortably.  She kept telling herself it was like a bad toothache, and it would only get worse the longer the delay.

            Josie picked up Lisa with both hands under her arms and sat her on the edge of the sink.  Lisa looked down below her and Josie could tell that she was observing the seemingly impossible distance between the bathroom floor and the tips of her toes.  “It’s okay, sweetie, I’ve got you.  What I’m going to do is ease your bottom back into the water.  It’s probably gonna feel a little hot, so just be prepared.”

            With that said, Josie slid Lisa’s little rear into the water.  Lisa whimpered when it touched her – which was probably more from shock than anything else.  They all waited there as the water did the double-duty of relaxing Lisa and soaking the tampon.

            “It hurts …” Lisa moaned.

            “Shhh…. It’s okay, we’re about to pull it out.”  Josie put her hand in the water to grab the string and missed.  She nearly laughed out loud from her idiocy.  I was a well-known fact that water bends light, and could move an object’s image off a little from where it really sat.  Moving her hand over, she grasped the string in her hand and looked

up Lisa with soothing eyes.  “Honey, I’ve got the string, so I’m going to remove it gently now.” 

Carol, now aged eleven, took Lisa’s hand in her own.  “Now if this hurts, just squeeze my hand, okay Lisa?”  The little girl closed her eyes, took a deep breath and nodded.

            Josie increased the tension on the string and bag slowly tugging.  As it began to move, Lisa began whimpering with pain – tears streaming from her eyes.

            “Just a little bit more,” Josie reported. “And…..There!”  Lisa squeaked loudly when in popped out of her, and for good reason.  The tampon was uncomfortably large for her little body – the water already beginning to change red.

            “Feel better now, hon?”  Carol asked Lisa.  The little girl nodded her head, sniffled her nose, and even managed a smile.  Carol laughed shakily and turned to look up at her surprisingly tall lover.

            “Josie, are you okay?”

            Josie didn’t answer.  Her head was spinning and her vision was starting to tunnel on her.  She tried to speak, but the words felt like too much of an effort to make, so instead she did the one thing that seemed right.  She fell backwards and observed while everything around her faded to black.


(To Be Continued…)