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Resources and links related to The Chosen

Chaim Potok: novelist, philosopher, historian, theologian, playwright, artist, editor: a comprehensive site including a synopsis of the novel, information about the play and movie versions, comments from Potok, quotes from the book, references, and FAQ

Pink Monkey Notes on The Chosen. Very basic notes on characters, plot, setting, author and history. Nothing you wouldn't get from reading the book.

Classic Notes. Some good background but not much else beyond plot summary.

Mapping the human heart. A brief essay of appreciation. Worth your time.

A life Apart: brief and interesting background article from PBS on Hasidic Jews

A Hasidic Man in Full: A very brief but interesting article about the author from the periodical Jewish Times

A Webquest on The Chosen: A computer-based activity on the "worlds" of the book.

Religious Movements Homepage: Background on the different groups of Hasidic Jews in Brooklyn and the world.

Jews of Brooklyn: A very brief summary and excerpt from the book of the same title. Worth a look.

New York City Marathon in Brooklyn: from a web-site telling runners what to expect in the miles through Brooklyn

X-Files in Hasidic Brooklyn: About the x-files episode that took place in an Hasidic community

for more photographs of Chaim Potok, click PHOTOGRAPHS
for photographs of Hasidic Brooklyn, click PHOTOGRAPHS of Brooklyn

for some information on D-Day ("Overation Overlord"), the event which begins the third chapter of the book and underlies much of part one, check these sites:

A D-day anniversary page: A page covering the; basics of; the D Day invasion

D-Day Memorial great first page of the book.

Imagining D-Day background for the movie Saving Private Ryan


Li ke his fictional hero Asher Lev, Potok is a life-long painter. His Couple is to the right. To connect to other paintings of his, click PAINTINGS.