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NEW Solar News !

...Got SUN?
Go Solar with "GWCC" ..

Quote of the month:
"Rather than being pushed by your problems, BE PULLED by your dreams"

Gateway Community College is offering a SOLAR course...
just when the state is offering a new solar water heating incentive!..


--- Want to know more about the “free “ energy from the sun that can give you 4X more savings than those popular Solar Electric modules?
Curious about a solar system you are having quoted or installed?
Seeking new skills to broaden your job options?

Then you need to sign-up ASAP for the Fall semester class at Gateway Community College:

ENV 181 “Solar Thermal Systems “ CRN# 4198, Gail Burrington Instructor. Class meets on Fridays 9am -1:50 pm at the new SOLAR ENERGY LAB located on the North Haven Campus ( just off Rt. 91) starts September. 5th

In addition to 3 academic credits ( or use the audit option,) you'll get real “hands-On” practice in building and using several solar appliances as well as valuable experience in solar-site analysis and critical design features. Such skills relate to the current emphasis on solar energy technology in the fields of “smart” construction, engineering, architecture, and many sustainable living careers.

..YES, this Fall class will be at the GWCC North Haven campus, using their new SOLAR ENERGY LAB sponsored by DOE and CT Clean Energy!

FUN WITH THE SUN Highlights!

* Note: Those who wish to sit for an Solar THERMAL NABCEP entry level exam need either the full semester class ENV 181 Solar Thermal Systems I or the separate "Solar Fundamentals" class followed by the specialized solar thermal-entry level class" from GWCC

The next class is
"ENV 181: Solar Thermal Systems I"
Fridays 9am-1:50pm starting September 5th
CRN# 4198

-The Important starting point common for ALL solar classes
"Solar PV Systems-entry Level"
"Solar Thermal"; or
"Solar PV Technical Sales";

(perhaps you are thinking of adding solar appliances to your home..? if so, all the Solar classes from GWCC will help you to better understand the options available today..)

This class will be of interest to engineering students, construction trade professionals, code officials, and the average homeowner seeking sustainable solutions.


Reminders and Learning aids

Volunteers Wanted
to get some "hands-on" practice for a couple of environmental centers..
contact Gail- (former students preferred)

sample helpful materials for

... a review of renewable energy using the SEI free online class RE100 maybe helpful
click here

look below for additional "hot links" for your SOLAR SMART journey

Hopefully, resources common to solar classes can be found here, but specific topics and assignments to each different class will find their own class page with learning aids and links .

( is GAil's home email if you wish to drop a note, or need more information

Hot Links of solar interest:

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Home builder’s guide to going solar from NREL

Please send in your favorite suggestions for more web resources that you find, and I'll post them here for all to share!

hopefully the ads that appear as part of using this "free web page" will not be too obnoxious--no endorsement intended...