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CT Solar News !

...Got SUN?
Will You Go Solar?...

Maybe you should try a Solar Awning that gives both window shade to keep cool, while directly running a fan
(or saving part of your electric bill...)


or, you should
express interest in a free solar cooker Workshop?
Are you trying to think of ways to avoid the hot summer kitchen ?...

explore a family / group activity which builds this way of cooking food using just the sunshine!

You can cook the food using the Sun while you play in the Sun elsewhere!

contact Gail using


Did you know that GATEWAY COMMUNITY COLLEGE offers a
certificate in Solar Technology?

Many solar companies value such training, YET the college does not seem to be offering the Fall class as promised..if you wish to support such solar training, in spite of state cuts,

Please contact the Dept. Engineering and Applied Technologies --- and direct your phone calls to
 Eric Flynn at 203.285.2368

see GWCC web page ?

FUN WITH THE SUN Highlights!

(even if found elsewhere)

SOLARFEST 2016, returns!
--to be held in Vermont, mid July

Classic "Hot Links" of solar interest:

enjoy the hot links below such as the recent Solar Decathalon, hot topics in sustainable energy, or helpful review items.

Solar Cooking FAQ
Solar Cooking International

DSIREUSA: best incentive listings

Connecticut Clean Energy Fund-CCEF is now Connecticut Green Bank

Northeast Sustainable Energy Association-area portion of ASES

SEAC Solar Energy Association of Connecticut-a local NESEA chapter

Solar Connecticut- professional association

P.A.C.E. clean energy-advocate group

Energy Guide newsletter

Solar Nation

Home Power Magazine

Solar Decathlon

the new "Get into Energy " website for CT .....

Home builder’s guide to going solar from NREL

Volunteers Wanted
to get some "hands-on" practice for a couple of environmental centers..
contact Gail- (former students preferred) is GAil's company email if you wish to drop a note, or need more information

Please send in your favorite suggestions for more web resources that you find, and I'll post them here for all to share!

hopefully the ads that appear as part of using this "free web page" will not be too obnoxious--no endorsements are intended...