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Our Goal

The effect of natural and man-made problems continue to elevate suffering among the Ethiopian people and children. Our organization, ECOA, is established as mean to bring basic humanitarian help to children in Ethiopia, who are innocent victims to the suffering that is inflicted upon them. In Ethiopia there are children who live with barely enough food, without shelter and basic health care to survive from one day to the next. Many also live without parents and access to education, clean water, and hope for the future. ECOA will engage in projects that will demonstrate solutions in the key areas of food, health, education, and welfare for children.

There are many small foundations and organizations in side and out side of Ethiopia extending their hands to needy children in Ethiopia. The ECOA wants to be one of those hands and contribute to the effort to save and improve the lives of children in Ethiopia. The organization is dedicated to help the many disadvantaged children in Ethiopia in every possible way. We are committed to improve their access to food, health, shelter, and education. The ECOA will support community projects in Ethiopia whose interest focus upon the well being of Ethiopian children. Also, it will work with other organizations around the world and people of goodwill who have the same mission as the ECOA. We focused our helping efforts on children because children are large portion of the Ethiopian population. Also, children are effected the most by present conditions in Ethiopia and will continue to be victims in the future, unless we help them now. Most importantly, the well-being of Ethiopian children is crucial for the future of the country.

Our primary goal is to provide Ethiopian children with adequate food and primary health care. Having enough food to eat and clean drinking water means a chance to live and hope for many children in Ethiopia. If children get adequate food then they will be able to concentrate and learn better in school. We canít address such issues as health care, education, and shelter effectively in the shadow of hunger. We will see less sick children if we improve their access to safe and clean water. We also want give them the chance to an education so they can learn to be self-sufficient. The social and economical costs of depriving children an education are massive, not just for the individuals and families but also for the country. We believe education is the single most important power against poverty and disease. Education brings with it improved health, the chance to prosperity and hope for the future. Families with no money to spend on education, lack of education and poverty are vicious cycles in which children are born in Ethiopia. Therefore, the ECOA is determined to building the capacity to assist children in Ethiopia and enable them to thrive and grow into responsible, productive and happy individuals.

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