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- Next to Georgie Smith, the star opposite her in Glad Rags to Riches. She was only three years old at the time.
- A picture of Shirley from Dimples.
- Shirley's dolls in her collection.
- Shirley putting her hands in Grauman's Chinese Theater.
- Another picture, same scene as above.
- Shirley and Claudette Colbert, accepting a special children's Oscar for her performance in Little Miss Marker.
- Little Shirley's all grown up here with Cary Grant in the movie The Bachelor and the Bobbysoxer.
- Shirley in her wedding dress after she married John Agar.
- Shirley had had one daughter, Susan, with John Agar before she divorced him (Agar went on to a successful acting career, and also did Mr Clean). On a trip to Honolulu, she met Charles Black and married him. They had two children together.
- The family all together: Shirley, Lori, Susan, Charles Jr, and Charles Black.
- Shirley Temple Black when she was involved with politics. She became the ambassador to Ghana. And although this was taken around the year 1987, I'm pleased to say she hasn't aged a bit!