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Win your CATS site an award!!!!!!

Do you have a CATS site which you’re proud of and think deserves an award?
I Now have 2 new awards to be won below, so if u have a different award and would like to apply for one of the new ones (3 & 4) u r very welcome to do so, but they r for anyone to win.

I have two different awards which I will give to sites which I think have:
a) Originality
b) A relation to CATS (the musical)
c) No offensive material
d) Features which will make me want to call by again
e)Few broken links and pictures

If you think your site fits into these categories e-mail me and tell me your name, Site name and address and which award you want to go for. I will get back to you within a week with the award for you to put up on your site. If you don’t hear from me within a couple of weeks, then I’m sorry, but you haven’t won an award.

Demeter's Award no. 1

Demeter's Award no.2

Demeter's Award no. 3

Demeter's Award no. 4

This award is V.hard to get and you can't apply for it, if I visit your site and REALLY love it to bits I will send it to you. You can feel EXCEPTIONALLY priviliged for recieving it.

All I ask of you if you recieve an award is for you to put a link to my site. Obviously these awards won't have SAMPLE COPY ONLY written on them, they are just to stop people stealing them. Though none of you would do that, would you?

Brilliant CATS sites that have won my awards:

1. Jadadaye’s Nook of the Junkyard
2. Bombalurina’s Jellicle Junkyard
3. Birana’s Junkyard Junk
4. Electra’s little CATS Haven
5. Purrsylla’s Purrfect Palace
6. Da Rumpleteazer's CATS House
7. What's a Jellicle Cat?
8. Jemima Kitty's Page
9. The Jellicle Junkyard
10. Bombalurina's CATS Page
11. The Cardboard Box
12. Sillabub and Jemima's Jellicle Hideout
13. Vortex of Infinate Felinity
14. Jellicle CATS
15. Lacy's Jellicle Moon
16. The Press Box
17. Victoria's Corner
18. Rina the romantical cat's repose
19. Velvedere's Jellicle CATS Theatre
20. Molly's Jellicle Ball
21. Jemima's Jellicle Moon
22. The Feline Muse
23. Mirahcles Garage
24. Reeza's Palace of Jellicle Insanity
25. The Jellicle Library
26. Split Personalities: A Jacob Brent Story
27. Matt's CATS site
28. The Jellicle Star

EXCEPTIONALLY excellent CATS sites which have won my Jellicle Pride Award:

1. Jadadaye’s Nook of the Junkyard
Do my eyes decieve me-no, Jadadaye is the first to win this exceptional award-go and check out her exceptional site(hey-she was first to win one of my other awards too-she must be simply the best, can't think why....joke)
2.Mungo 'n' Rumple. Fantabulous site run by fantabulous people. Check it out is you don't believe me.
3. SkimbleSkimbles station. Another brilliant site, run by a cat who everyone adores!!!!!!!!!
4. Panthera's Aeva May, Rosemarie Ford and Veerle Castelyn Site One of the best sites I've seen for a long time. Well worth a look.
5. Magic of the Moonlight. Another EXCELLENT site. A very beautiful site.
6. Lil Bombalurina's CATS site. This is a gorgous site with very beautiful graphics, she is also my big sis (on the net), so check out this very fine site.
7.Powders Jellicle CATS page. Another very beautiful site.
8. CATS the Musical I really like this site as it has some original features on it as well as being a really groovy site.

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