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Wayne Sleep-The Original London Mistoffelees

-Wayne Sleep as the original Mister Mistoffelees (known as Quaxo in Act I)

Mistoffelees is one of CATS best loved characters and I have had the great fortune of meeting Wayne Sleep, London’s original Mistoffelees, on a number of occasions. Wayne was with the company for 6 months and he was the first member of the original cast to leave (excluding Judi Dench after she had snapped her achillies tendon).

As he is a well-established actor, singer and dancer(mainly ballet, but other styles as well) he does many different shows. I saw him in his touring show “World of Classical Ballet” at Cambridge Corn Exchange, England, July(I think), 1998. I managed to get my programme signed by him, not that day but in the October(also 1998). See below.

I managed to get the prgramme signed when Wayne Sleep came to my village to do a dance workshop day. How lucky that my ballet teacher knew him!!!!! He ran classes in junior and senior ballet, tap and jazz. I only did the senior ballet. I also bought his autobiography “Precious Little Sleep” (which is really funny and has a big section about CATS and how the show was put together etc. It’s a really good read) which I also managed to get signed except this time he actually addressed it to me!!!!! My ballet teacher told me that it is quite rare for him to do this. This is the said autograph.

Since then I have attended another Senior ballet workshop and at the end of October this year I will be attending Senior AND Senior jazz. His workshops are such good fun and are aimed at all levels of ability, from those at a proffessional level to those who have never danced a step in his life. All Wayne hopes from his workshops is that people enjoy themselves and learn through his classes. This is certainly true. They are an hour long and by the end everyone has drastically improved. Although I have been doing ballet for 10 nearly 11 years, I have never had a jazz lesson in my life. I have done a bit in various productions I have been involved with but I have never had a proper lesson so I’m really looking forward to the jazz class!!!!!!!!!!

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