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News and Other New Stuff

This page is about my latest updates and ramblings in my head. I doubt many people will be interested in this, but oh well. Going back to the name-sake of this page, Demeter, what are peoples' views on her relationship with Bomba? Are they sisters? Demeter always seems to me like she's the younger sister striving to get out of Bomba's shadow and get attention herself. She almost seems to be jealous of Bomba's popularity. Also Bomba seems to protect her and look out for her. Another thing is that their costumes and colouring is very similar, as if they have come out of the same litter, or had the same parents.

The other night I was out and I looked at the sky and I nearly fainted when I saw the moon. It was yellow and an odd shape. It looked like the left-hand CATS eye, reversed. It was really magical. The Sea of Tranquility even made it look as if it had the dancer on it. Just thought I'd share that experience with you all. I have to add it was like it again last night. GORGOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am hoping to get a fanfiction section started soon, so please budding CATS writers send me your work and I will add it to a brand new section. Also I am starting a fan-art section so the same applies to you artists and cartoonists too. The writing/pictures must be CATS related.

I have put my ninth award up in the cabinet today. I love feeling appreciated. PLEASE could more people sign my guest-book, I have a feeling people have stopped coming to my site and I want to be proved other-wise.

I've now added a Demeter and Bomba gallery. My aim is to have the biggest on the net, but I'm a LEETLE way off that yet, so if anyone would like to contribue any pics can you send them to me at the attachments address above. Cheers!!!!!!

I have added even MORE pics to my galleries, so check them out, but please ask for them and I'll e-mail them, rather than you stealing them.

BRAND-SPANKING NEW AWARD WHICH YOU CAN WIN!!!!!!!!!! You can't apply for it, but if you sign my guest-book you are guaranteed that I will look at your site so you'll be considered. If you don't have any luck with that, you can always try applying for one of my other awards which are also majorly funky!!!!!!

LATEST AWARD!!!!!!!!!!! I have won an award for being an informative site from Lacy's Jellicle Moon. Check it out!!!!!!
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