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When I Met Jo Gibb

In May I met Jo Gibb, known in the CATS circles mainly for playing Rumpleteazer in the CATS video. I met her after i went to see the Rocky Horror Show which was playing at the Cambridge Corn Exchange as one of its stops on the tour. I knew before hand that she was playing Columbia in it, which i was v. excited about and made sure i had a camera with me.

I got dressed up, as most people do, as Magenta, but more in the film style than the stage style, complete with make-up etc. I loved the show, Jo was a fab Columbia, she really made the part her own, which is quite difficult to do as most people who go and see it have a set picture in their minds of Little Nell who played Columbia in the film.

Afterwards I raced around the back hoping to meet her. As the minutes turned into 15mins, into 30mins, into 45mins and finally into an hour, and the rest of the cast had already come out and i had spoken to them i was getting a bit frantic that i had missed the one person i wanted to meet most of all. So when the next cast member (who happened to be Rachael Shale who played Janet) came out i asked where Jo was and she said that she would be out soon. I was so relieved i hadn't missed her!!!!

By that time it had started to drizzle icy rain-drops and i was dress v. skimplily (you can see my legs in the photo above, but i was wearing hold up stockings, garter belt and a v. tiny flimsy skirt.).

Then she emerged and i recognised her instantly. I hadn't realised how tiny she was in real life, about my height, 5"2/5"3!!!! and unmistakeable. Her phone rang just as i started talking to her, pouring out loads of cheesy stuff(i feel really embarassed about it now), just about how great she was in RHPS and how brilliant she was at Rumpleteazer. She was about to walk off on the phone when i remembered my camera so i asked if i could have a picture with her. She was v. sweet and asked the person on the phone to hold on, I sort of hugged her and then we got the pic taken (see above). Then she left.

I was so over-whelmed and couldn't speak about anything for days afterwards!!!!!!

To see pics of Jo playing Columbia go to The official site and then look at the pictures from the latest tour, theones with Alex Bourne as Frank N Furter. Jo's character has a short red bob and a glittery gold and red costume.

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