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CATS Fan Art

This is the start of my fan art section. As you can see Iím a little short of work here, so if anyone has any fan art they would like me to put on my site I will oblige. This work is © me, Bombalurina and Kristaboo. If you would like me to put some of my work on your site or if you would like to use a pic PLEASE ask and I will send it to you.

These pictures are of cats with Jellicle colouring, if you do not like them, donít complain to me, just give me a pic of your own which you think is better. :o)

Munkustrap. By Demeter.

Mistoffelees. By Demeter.

Is it a bird, is it a plane, no it's super-bomb!!!!! This Jellicle hero was composed by Bombalurina. I cannot give anyone this pic, as it is not mine, so if you want a copy e-mail Bomba and ask her. And check out her Site.

This gorgous pic is by Krsitaboo so if u want a copy u will have 2 ask her.

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