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My Awards

This site has now won 16 awards so now I can think that at least 16 people like my site!!!!!

Cheers Skimble for my first award!!!!!! Awarded to me on 3rd October 1999.

Thanks Very Much ElectraAwarded to me on the 9th October (according to Electra I'm the first person she's sent an award to, so I feel even more honoured and special ;o))

A big thank you to Ozabubfor this award which I recieved on 9th October after mess-ups with my e-mail.

I recieved this award on 17th October 1999 from Bombanya. Thanks v. much!!!!!!!!!!

This award came completely out of the blue on 20th October 1999 which was V. nice and came from Bombalurina. Cheers V. much for this unexpected pleasure!!!!!!!!

I recieved this, my 6th award, *over-whelmed with emotion* on 27th October from Firefrorefiddle and Taramine. Thanks guys, I'm speechless (almost!!)

I was awarded this elusive-v. hard to get-award on 30th October from Patchable. Thanks v. much I feel honoured for getting your highest award. *Gwyneth Paltrow style sniff* Thanks so much it means a lot to me.

I was awarded this beautiful award on 7th November from Froster and Munkustrap. Thanks guys and I'll drop in for a drink at the Wellington Arms again soon!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was awarded this magnificent award on 11th November from Sillabub and Jemima. Thanks guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I won this tres cool award on 20th November 1999 from Jemima. Thank you Jem it's purrrrfect!!!!!!!!

I won this award on 28th November(first Sunday in Advent) from Lacy's Jellicle Moon. It's good to see I provide fellow Jellicles with some information!!!!!!!!

More awards

Thank you all!!!!!!!!!!!

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