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Adopt a CAT

Do want your very own CAT on your web-page? These are my CATS and they aren't well-known on the stage, but have Jellicle personalities.
Just to make sure there's no confusion, it is just their pic up for adoption, not the actual animal.

Barley: The colouring of Skimbleshanks, but with the personality of Tugger, this cute little 2yr old makes a delightful web companion.

Boots: Mistoffelees colouring with a personality like Jennyanydots. She'll keep your web-page in order.

Cleo: She is a true Grizzy. 14yrs old. Used to be glamourous but now is old, scruffy, ignored and hated by other cats. Please take pity on her.

If you want any or all of these CATS please e-mail me Demeter
and I will send you the html code.

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