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Edinburgh & Leith

County Directory, 1861/62



Anderson, Peter, shoemaker

Anderson, R., Woodbine

Belfrage, George, farmer, North Gyle

Blackie, Walter, lodgings, Janefield

Bonnar, Mrs. teacher

Brown, A., smith, Lenney park

Brown, Major David, of Park, Preston Lodge

Buchan Matthew, Birchwood mains

Buist, Robert, Featherhall

Burns, Rev. Dr., Estherville, (F. Church of S.)

Chisholm, Mrs., grocer

Cochrane, William, Lenney park

Cook, John, innkeeper

Cowan, Hugh, agricultural implement maker

Craig, Wm., Woodhall cottage

Craig, Miss Gibson, Hermiston house

Cumming, William, shoemaker

Currie, Mrs., grocer

Dixon, Mrs., Three-mile house

Downie, Hay, saddler

Dunlop, George, Gogar house

Dunlop, John, farmer, Clermiston

Dunlop, Wm., Redheughs

Dunn, James, baker

Dunsmure, Misses, Dunsmure lodge

Elder, William, dairyman

Fowler, Wm. Chalmers, M.D. Corstor. cot.

Gibb, George, Janefield

Gillespie, John, smith

Girdwood, Robert, Fixby

Girdwood, William, Fixby

Grant, John, lodgings

Greig, William, shoemaker

Grant, George, lodgings

Harper, James, innkeeper

Hector, Alexander, Woodbine place

Henderson, Andrew, wright

Henderson, John, Corstorphine Hill house

Herbert, Thomas, Meadowhouse

Horne, Rev. David, manse

Jack, Robert, farmer, West Craigs

Lawrie, Andrew, merchant

Lind, James, baker

Macfie, William, of Clermiston

Macfie, Claud, merchant, Gogar burn

Manson, George, schoolmaster

Marshall, Miss, lodgings, Janefield

Martin, James B., Broomhouse

Melville, James M., W.S., Hanley

Millar, George, Braefoot Cottage

Morrison, James, dentist

Muir, Mrs., grocer

Muirhead, Claud, Gogar park

Neil, Robert G., farmer, Gogar mains

Oliver, Robert, farmer, Milburn cottage

Paterson, Archibald, farmer, and assesor under the Lands Valuation Act, Meadowfield

Paterson, John, mason

Paterson, Miss, Preston villa

Pearson, Wm., inspector of poor

Porter, John, tailor

Reid, Mrs., lodgings

Rodger, James, lodgings

Scott, James, dairy

Scott, William, Melville terrace

Simpson, Mrs., grocer, Elm Cottage

Smith, Thomas, spirit dealer

Stenhouse, James, farmer, South Gyle

Stenhouse, William, spirit dealer

Stewart, W., farmer, Corstorphine bank

Thompson, Archibald, wright

Thomson, David, farmer, Gogar

Thomson, J. & R., gardeners

Thomson, Robert, gardener, Ferrybank

Tod, John, Lennie park, Corstorphine

Wallace, Tho., Four-mile hill

Watson, Mrs., dressmaker

Weston, John, smith, Gogar

Whiteford, Edward, shoemaker, Lenney park

Whiteford, John, shoemaker

Whitewright, Jn., smith and implement maker

Williamson, R.C., Beechwood house

Wright, Andrew, flesher and cattle dealer

Young, Matthew, wright, Lower Gogar