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Edinburgh & Leith

County Directory

Currie, 1842/43

Abernethy, Thomas L., esq.

Aikman, Mrs., grocer

Brown, James & Co., paper manufacturer, Kinleith

Brown, Peter, grocer

Christie, A., esq. of Baberton

Cunningham, Lawrence, farmer, Kinleith

Davidson, Allan, wright, Mill bank

Davidson, D. & J., farmer, Kinleith

Denholme, Andrew, wright

Downie, James, gardener

Dunn, William, gardener

Falconer, Angus, constable

Ferguson, James, farmer and innkeeper

Fisher, Alexander, builder

Fleming, William, millwright

Fraser, John, shoemaker

Frier and Pettie, merchants

Frier, Arch., millmaster, East mill

Gray, Robert, farmer

Harper, John, tailor

Jameson, Rev. Robert, manse

Laing, George, and Co., Balerno mill

Laing, Geo. (Geo. Laing and Co.), Balerno mill

Logan, Mrs.

Orr, Peter, farmer, Cocklaw

Palmer, Robert, schoolmaster

Paterson, David, smith, East Mill

Ramage, William, farmer, Kinleith

Rutherford, Wm., baker

Russell, Alexander, Malcolmston

Skinner, Edward, excise officer

Smith, Edward, road surveyor

Smith, Miss M., merchant and post mistress

Somerville, Mrs.

Somerville, Alexander, innkeeper

Stewart, Alexander, mole catcher

Tait, Robert, merchant, Currie

Thomson, Mrs.

Walker, Thomas, mason

Walker, William, tailor and clothier

Wallace, Alexander, smith

Walsh, Walter, shoemaker

Watt, James, snuff miller, East mill

Watt, John, snuff miller, East mill bank

Weir, James, farmer, Blinkbonnie

Yule, Miss, teacher